Vehicle Fruit Hud

Know what you're hauling

This is a nice, little FS19 mod. Put in the mod folder, then activate it. It extends the hud by showing what your trailer is loaded with. And how much in percent.

It’s particularly helpful when you use trailers with two compartments, like the Wilson trailer. Or when you have hooked up more than one trailer.

(Update November 28, 2018) I like this mod more, and more. It has just been updated. Now it’s possible to tweak many of the settings, like the color of the fonts and the placement of the information. It’s also possible to enlarge the crop symbols.

This is how you do it:

  1. Save and exit your game.
  2. Open .../FarmingSimulator2019/modsSettings/VehicleFruitHud/vehicleFruitHudSetings.xml, and start tweaking.
  3. Save the file and start the game.

The mod is for PC only.

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