Strautmann BE 5 Manure Spreader

A nice, little manure spreader for smaller FS19 farms

Here’s a nice FS19 manure spreader, suitable for smaller to medium sized farms. I believe the Strautmann BE 5 was introduced to FS17 by grasslandMods. Now the modders Fabian and Gogobear have converted it and made it available for Farming Simulator 19.

Some of the things they’ve done:

  • Utilized the FS19 texture and material systems.
  • Added side walls for increased capacity.
  • Worked on the specular map for gradual wear and tear.

It’s a really nice spreader. The cost is only $/€ 4,500. Here are some other stats:

  • Work speed: 20 km/h
  • Required power: 64 hp
  • Work width: 6.5 m
  • Capacity: 8000 l (standard)
  • Modder: grasslandMods.
  • FS19 Conversion: Fabian/Gogobear.

Click on the the button under to download the Strautmann spreader to your computer now.

Go to Download 9.1MB

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