Kaweco 40000L Slurry Tanker

By Yesmods

Mar 06 2019 - 07:49

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It’s time for the Kaweco 40000L slurry tankerin FS 19. This Farming Simulator 19 mod is one of the biggest slurry tanker mods we’ve ever tested.And easily one of the best.

It sometimesbugs us that we have to refill slurry so often. That’swhy bigger is better. It’s great to finally have a slurry tanker with a capacityof 40,000 liters. And it helps that the tanker trailer looks darn cool too.

Here are the most important facts:

You’ve got several, excellent configurations options. You can go for the signature Kaweco design or pick your own colors. You also have a saying when it comes to which wheels the trailer is going to have.

And you can add a spreader to it or use the 36-meter-wide drip hose boom that’s included with the mod (we’ve not tested the trailer with other applications.)

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