Farming Simulator 19 Mods – Which mods will be available in FS19?

Farming Simulator 19 Mods – What Can We Expect?

Credits: Giants Software

Which Farming Simulator 19 mods will be available? And when? Well, that’s really hard to tell. At this stage, talking about FS19 mods is pure speculation. But, as I love to speculate, I’ll talk about it anyway.

And It’s not all speculation. It’s possible to make educated guesses about mods for the upcoming game based on what happened when Farming Simulator 17 launched a couple of years ago.

First Day Farming Simulator 19 Mods

There will most likely be some Farming Simulator 19 mods ready for download on day 1 (20th of November). Giants are working closely with several modders and modding teams already with FS19 in mind. I’m guessing we could see the first mod map on release day. Or one or two days later.

I’m confident there’ll be some vehicle mods and equipment mods available early on as well. From external modders. And Giants. Remember when Giants converted some of its FS15 models and offered them as mods on Modhub just after releasing FS17? I believe the same thing will happen when Farming Simulator 19 launches too.

Emphasis on Placeables

Credits: Giants Software

In Farming Simulator 19 you can start with nothing and build your farm, building by building, silo by silo. For this, you’ll need a lot of placeable stuff, like sheds, silos, stables, and other buildings. That’s why I expect to see many placeable mods early on. They are some of the easiest to make.

I think we’ll see a lot of converted models from FS17, FS15 and perhaps FS13. But also a lot of placeable mods, made from scratch, available in the first days and weeks after the game release.

In fact, I think there’ll be a lot more placeables overall this time since Giants have raised their importance in the farm creation process.

A Wave of FS17 Mod Converts

Soon after the release of Farming Simulator 19, I’m sure will see a solid flow of FS17 models being converted into Farming Simulator 19 mods. Because many players will want to see their favorite mods in the new game.

Although there’s so far, no words about the Giants Editor converter for FS19, it’s still a given certainty that many favorite FS17 mods will make its way into the next game.

I’m afraid the transmission into FS19 won’t always be pretty. Because FS19 introduces a new method for model texturing, I fear we’ll see some darn ugly converts… Not to mention unofficial script conversions that crash both the game and the computer…

Better Mods and Maps

It’ll most likely be some months before we’ll get a steady stream of great mods and maps, made exclusively for Farming Simulator 19. Modders need to educate themselves on the changes going from 17 to 19.

The fact is that modding for the new game is more accessible than with previous versions. But there’s still a transition period. Both for understanding new mechanics. And actually making the mod. There’s good reason to believe we’ll see a significant improvement in FS19 mod quality already in Q1, 2019.

Courseplay a Farming Simulator 19 Mod?

Credits: Courseplay | Giants Software

Courseplay is one the most popular mods ever to be released for the Farming Simulator series. Since 2012 it has helped digital farmers automate almost everything on their farms. And it keeps getting better. The current FS17 version is a considerable improvement, compared to what the script was like a year ago.

So, will it be available for FS19?

Well, I have good news to share. Giants have confirmed it talks to the Courseplay developers. Not about implantation to the base of the new game. But a conversion.  It is a 99.99 % chance that there will be a version for the new game.

But when?

The first Beta-version of Courseplay for Farming Simulator 17 was released to the public one month after the game launch. A Modhub version emerged several months later. I hope to see a stable FS19 version at the beginning of 2019. Or even sooner. More people are working on it this time.

What about the GPS Mod?

The GPS Mod is another, very popular mod in previous FS games. A lot of people are asking if it will be available in the new game since Giants haven’t made a functioning GPS part of the base game.

This is a tougher one.

The creator, who goes by the name of Upsidedown, is currently occupied with the making of Cattle and Crops. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see a converted GPS Mod for FS19 because of this.

My best bet is that there will only be a working GPS mod for 19 if other modders decide to build one from scratch.

Well, someone might try to convert the existing one. But to make it legal, Upsidedown must offer permission. Not sure if he’s willing to help a competitor becoming even more popular…

An Updated Seasons Mod?

Credits: Realismus Modding

Seasons is not part of the new game, even though Jos “Rahkiin” Kuijpers, one the mod creators, was hired by Giants some time ago.

There’re currently no words from the rest of the Realismus team (reallogger, theSeb, and Wopster) regarding the future of Seasons. However, due to the popularity of the script, there may be hope that a new version will appear in Farming Simulator 19. But that’s just me speculating.

Other, Popular FS17 Mods

What about other, famous modders? Like Bulletbill, Modder Rolf, Blacksheep Modding, Smety, Vanquish081, Somethingonmyshoe2, Oxygendavid, Stevie, ARM-Team, Decker_MMIV, TyKonKet, MB3D Modelling, LS-Modcompany, Mappers Paradise, Mogli, MR Dural, just to mention a few…

How likely is it to see FS19 mods from this bunch of great creators? Only time will tell.

I’m following the FB pages, Twitter accounts, and websites of most good mod and map makers out there. No one has stated that they actively are modding for the new game already. But there are hints: Like FS19 logos on WIP pictures.

It’s worth noting that most popular FS17 modders are active on websites, Facebook pages and in forums. I guess many of them will have to learn more about what modding for Farming Simulator 19 will be like, before giving us statements of what to expect…

First FS19 WIP Mods Emerges

The first “Work In Progress” mods for FS19 are spotted! The very talented fqC Art. from the VertexDezign team (he has a lot of great FS17 mods under his belt already) recently revealed a teaser pic of his upcoming FS19 mod.

The mod is apparently going to be a rake from the German manufacturer Fella. Keep an eye on the VertexDezign web site for more information.

Knowing much of the previous work by fqC Art, this is sure to be a high-quality mod.

Mattxjs is working on a classic British trailer pack for the new game. In the picture above, you’ll see his high poly versions of the Marston ACE 10 grain trailer. It looks very promising indeed.

Mattxjs isn’t just some random guy who just got started with modding. Tons of people have enjoyed his pack of Ford TW tractors in FS17. Even more impressive is his Modern Classic DLC (Massey Ferguson 390 T, Maxxum 5150, JCB Fastrac 150 and more).

When modders this talented decides to create mods for the upcoming game you can rest assured that we’re in for a good time.

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