JCB Fastrac 3000 Tractor

This Could Have Been the FS19 Tractor of the Year…

Now, you can download the JCB Fastrac 3000 tractor to Farming Simulator 19. This is the same beloved Fastrac that made so many players happy in Farming Simulator 15 and FS17. We’re not sure that everyone will be equally pleased about the FS19 version… More on that later.

Fast Mod Facts

  • Mod: JCB Fastrac 3000 (Medium) Tractor
  • Modder: EricPryda
  • Price: 165,000.
  • Power: 195 HP.
  • Top speed: 70 kph / 43 mph.

The tractor drives well. It’s nothing wrong with the physics. It’s other stuff that somewhat bothers us.

Nothing moves…


You have to think about this version of the JCB Fastrac 3000 as a beta version. Because it lacks most FS19 features.

There’s no cab or seat suspension animations. Some of the lights don’t work. The speedometer stays at a constant zero. And you have to forget about 4-wheel steering with this one.

We’re not bashing the modder. We’re happy that we can use the tractor again. But the mod certainly has room for improvements…

How to Download

Just click on that big and blue button below. It’ll take you to the official download page for this mod.

Go to Download 15.1MB

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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