Farming Simulator 21 with Snowrunner physics?

By Yesmods

Jun 27 2020 - 08:50

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We got some interesting information from an interview made by with Tim Willits Chief Creative Officer at Saber Interactive ( the creators of Snowrunner and Mudrunner ) about what might be a new feature in the next Farming Simulator. asked about what the possibilities would be to integrate the Snowrunner physics into the Farming Simulator franchises.

Tim Willits responded that they love the Farming Simulator Games and the concept around it. He talked about how cool it would be to see a Farming Simulator game with the physics from Snowrunner. The last thing he said about it was that players expect a lot more from their simulation games in the future and creating more realistic physics simulations on top of those types of games is definitely a logical next step.

Of course, we can only guess what this might mean but it's interesting to know that Saber Interactive has the same publisher as Giants Software, named Focus Home Interactive. So we can safely say that they have contacts with each other. A possible collaboration between the two would be great to see.

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