Farming Simulator 19: «…important new features» and «new game engine”

If true, this is freaking huge!

Words are powerful. They shouldn’t be misused. I’m not saying Focus Home Interactive (FHI), publisher (not the maker) of the Farming Simulator games, is misusing words.

So if the company is not misusing words… Then wow! This is freaking huge!


I came across this press release. From January 30th. It’s from FHI. The press release is basically an earnings report.

You see, FHI is a publicly traded company. They must share their earnings and losses with its investors and the public.

I’m not getting into the details. (You can read the press release here.) But it’s nice to see that the market still shows a huge interest in the FS games.

And… To all Spintire fans… Yes, there will be a “MudRunner USA” extension sometimes soon…

Strong words


What made my Farming Simulator infested heart skip a beat, was this sentence:

“Farming Simulator will also be back in its 19th version, with important new features anticipated by the game’s fans and a new game engine that will yield visuals close to the best productions on the market.”

To narrow it down: “…with important new features anticipated by the game’s fans…” and…new game engine…”

“New game Engine”

I’m not making this up. It really says, “new game engine”. No, it doesn’t say “revamped game engine”, “overhauled game engine”, or “updated game engine”.

The words are “New Game Engine”.

Of course, it could be the writer choosing the wrong word. It could be a misunderstanding between Giants and FHI, meaning that “new” actually should have been “overhauled”, or “updated”

But then again, FHI has been publishing games for more than 20 years.

They should know the importance of the game engine for a lot of players. Because many of them, even FS players, seem to care a lot whether an engine is old, updated or new.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 19TH: Yeah, it was a misunderstading. Somwhere in the communication between Giants and Focus the word “revamped” got mixed up with “new”. Read more about it here.

“Important Features”

This sounds more like publisher-tries-to-hype-their-game-lingo. But still.

They could just have used “new features”. Instead, they wrote, “with important new features anticipated by the game’s fans”.

Anticipated… What new features are FS players anticipating?

Well, the only cold, hard facts about this (that I know of), is a poll Giants did in 2015. It asked what features FS players wanted to see in upcoming FS games.

The results:

  1. Physics improvements (14.35% – Somewhat implemented in FS17)
  2. Extendable farms (13.85% – Implemented in FS17 – Placeable buildings and silos)
  3. Additional brands (12.20% – Check)
  4. More extensive animal husbandry (11.30% – Check)
  5. Enhanced agriculture/tillage (10.22% – Somewhat implemented)
  6. More fruit types (8.58% – Check)
  7. Vehicle customization (7.19% – Check)
  8. Tip anything anywhere (5.32% – Check)
  9. Extended economic system (4.80% – Somewhat implemented)
  10. Improved forestry (3.49% – Oh, yes)
  11. AI improvements (3.23% – Much better now)
  12. More growth states (2.46%)
  13. Enhanced sound environment (1.83% – It’s better now)
  14. GIANTS Editor improvements (1.17% – Check)

If we go back to the FHI press release and the word “new”… Nothing on the list above would be new in Farming Simulator 19. Except new brands…

What history tells us

The last two pc/console titles (FS15 and FS17) had at least one major features added to the game:

  • FS15: Forestry
  • FS17: Missions

This is how forestry was teased before the game release… (yeah, the discussions about the use of CGI went crazy back then, too…)

Each game also introduced a least one new, major brand (mods not included):

  • FS15: New Holland
  • FS17: The AGCO brands

Looking at the feature debut history above, there’s certainly room for hoping something similar will happen this time as well.

Time for some speculations…

New major FS19 feature

Could it be that Realismus Modding and Giants are working together to make the Seasons mod part of the base game?

Could it be a farming administration feature, based on Courseplay?

Or maybe, could it be the introduction of dynamic grounds, aka deformable terrain?

New major FS19 brand

The existing FS brands line up is pretty impressive. But if you take a hard look at things, 3 major brands are missing: Kubota, Class, and (of course) John Deere.

If history repeats itself, there’s high hope one of them will be introduced as the new, official FS19 brand.

First glimpse?

Later this week FHI will hold its “What’s Next” press event in Paris, showcasing the company’s 2018 releases.

I don’t expect we’ll see a lot if any, visuals from FS19 during the event.

But with hype-like promises of both “important new features” and “a new game engine”, I hope French gaming journalists do their job to get the facts straight on behalf of the rest of us.

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