Schwatzingen Mod Map 2.0

By Yesmods

Apr 16 2019 - 08:59

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Here's a chance to download the Schwatzingen mod map for Farming Simulator 19. At first glance, it’s a darn impressive map, based on a European landscape. But when you start to play it, there’s a risk you’ll realize you should have upgraded your computer...

(Update July 8, 2019) The map is updated. The performance has improved a lot. More on this later...

This is what the map has to offer when it comesto FS19 features:

Mod Map Facts

We Love the Terrain

The map hasa nice layout. Everything is built around the massive forest in the middle. Youhave tons of fields to operate. And if you dig small fields, you’ll love this map. All fieldsare pretty small.

The levelof details is massive. It's probably a little over the top for less powerfulgaming PCs. The terrain is magnificent, curved, and most fields have a naturalshape, like what you'll see in the real world.

Schwatzingen Version 2.0

(UpdateJuly 8, 2019) There'san update available for the Schwatzingen FS19 map. Luckily, the mapmakerhas realized that much of the trees created performance issues on many gamingrigs. A total of 4,000 trees have been removed, making the map a lot easieron less powered computer systems.

Here aresome of the other changes:

Due to themany changes in version two, you need to start from scratch using a freshgamesave.

How to Download

To getthis version of the Schwatzingen mod map you just have to press the bluebutton. It opens the modder’s mod hosting page on

Go to DownloadWe always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

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