Swisstouch Mod Map

By Yesmods

Apr 02 2019 - 08:09

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Now you can download the Swisstouch mod map for Farming Simulator 19. Boy oh boy… This is a fantasticmap, especially for anyone looking for some real Farm Sim challenge.

This is one of the best Farming Simulator 19 maps we have tested. Still, the map isn’t even near completion. There’s no BGA. The fields are unnumbered. There’s no AI activity. And there are no missions, starting farms or starting equipment.

Steep Hills

Still, the map is just brilliant. The mapmakers have succeeded wildly in creating a map with tons of atmosphere and a cascade of challenges (if you go too fast in your vehicle on this map, you’re sure to do some crazy airtime.)

The hills are aliveAnd darn steep!

We know it’s challenging to create Farm Sim maps with steep hills. The textures often become stretched. It just looks ugly. But on this map, that’s not an issue. The terrain and the environment are just breathtaking. And for the forestry fans… We dare you to use a forwarder in those steep forests without tipping over.

This is the PDA map.

Mod Map Facts

Because of the lack of FS19 features, it’s recommended that you start your journey in the "Farm-Manager" or "Start from scratch" difficulties. The map has two courtyard areas which are suitable for building farms.

There are some talks about a possible update of this map sometimes in the future. If that happens, we’re sure it’ll become an instant classic.

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