The Best Sawmill Animations in Farming Simulator 19 to Date?

By Yesmods

Jan 31 2020 - 10:34

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(Updated February 24, 2020) The sawmill is released! You can get it from Kastor's own website, click here. And I've made a thorough presentation of it here.

(Updated February 14, 2020) Kastor has just released a video that demonstrates some of the functions his sawmill will have. I want all of it! Now!

Original Post

The very talented modder Kastor has made a name for himself as a creator of stunning Farming Simulator mods. His Somewhere in Thuringia II map is still one of the best FS19 mod maps. And his modular BGA mod is one of the most innovative (and underrated) mods I’ve ever had the pleasure of adding to my maps.

Kastor isnow working on a new project that I’m sure will put a smile on the faces ofmany Farm Sim forestry fans. His Sawmill project for Farming Simulator 19 looksto be one of the most detailed logs handling add-ons ever.

Stunning Animations

Kastorsupcoming Sawmill mod for Farming Simulator 19 will create several products fromthe logs you provide it with. Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

Here’s a video showing you what the animations for the palette production will look like.

A February Release

I’m reallylooking forward to this mod. Will it be modular, like Kastor’s BGA is? I’m notsure. Will it be placeable? Most likely. And yes, it will use GlobalCompany forproduction programming.

The FarmingSimulator games have seen a fair share of sawmill addons. I have never seen oneas detailed as this one from Kastor. And even though it’s rich in details, itseems to be well optimized for in-game performance.

Check out Kastor’s Facebook page for updates about the release. For now, it seems the FS19 sawmill will hit your mods folder in February. And visit his YouTube channel for more videos of the fantastic animations.

Imagecredits: Kastor.

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