The Best Sawmill Animations in Farming Simulator 19 to Date?

(Updated February 24, 2020) The sawmill is released! You can get it from Kastor’s own website, click here. And I’ve made a thorough presentation of it here.

(Updated February 14, 2020) Kastor has just released a video that demonstrates some of the functions his sawmill will have. I want all of it! Now!

Original Post

The very talented modder Kastor has made a name for himself as a creator of stunning Farming Simulator mods. His Somewhere in Thuringia II map is still one of the best FS19 mod maps. And his modular BGA mod is one of the most innovative (and underrated) mods I’ve ever had the pleasure of adding to my maps.

Kastor is now working on a new project that I’m sure will put a smile on the faces of many Farm Sim forestry fans. His Sawmill project for Farming Simulator 19 looks to be one of the most detailed logs handling add-ons ever.

Stunning Animations

Kastors upcoming Sawmill mod for Farming Simulator 19 will create several products from the logs you provide it with. Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

  • There will be a pallet factory.
  • Another part of the sawmill will produce massive wooden beams.

Here’s a video showing you what the animations for the palette production will look like.

A February Release

I’m really looking forward to this mod. Will it be modular, like Kastor’s BGA is? I’m not sure. Will it be placeable? Most likely. And yes, it will use GlobalCompany for production programming.

The Farming Simulator games have seen a fair share of sawmill addons. I have never seen one as detailed as this one from Kastor. And even though it’s rich in details, it seems to be well optimized for in-game performance.

Check out Kastor’s Facebook page for updates about the release. For now, it seems the FS19 sawmill will hit your mods folder in February. And visit his YouTube channel for more videos of the fantastic animations.

Image credits: Kastor.


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  1. Game keeps telling me “There are too many of this type.” any time I try to place one of the buildings.

    • Thanks for commenting, Gamestrust 🙂 I need to ask, just because I don’t know your setup… You have installed the latest version of the sawmill ( and the GlobalCompany mod (, right?

      My best advice is that you use the Sawmill’s support thread over at LS-Modcompany to get help.

  2. Good morning everyone, good mornig Erik,

    the first update of the sawmill pack is released, find the Changelog here

    The DL Link is at this thread also, find on first post 🙂

    It’s not the end by now but we decided to release a Version where the most known bugs are fixed, including some additional features. Especially the possibility to sell the products at normal sellstations. Sellable now where you can sell woodchips 🙂

    Atm there’s no Autoload based trailer which can handle the wood beams, boards pallets or the foiled wood beams, So as long as the vehicle modders don’t adjust or add the positions for them, it looks very “special” on a trailer when Autoload is used 😀
    We are working on an Autoload based solution 😉

    Enjoy the update

    Regards [DSA]Floowy

  3. I find it very unfortunate that the products – expect wood chips – are fully unique and can only be sold at the Kastorˋs own selling point. Therefore I will keep Susi Wongˋs sawmill.
    Iˋm sure Kastor will also change the beam wrapping by collecting the full amount of beams for a pack an wrap them afterworlds. Nevertheless it’s a super mod. Thank you Sven.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment, Alex 🙂 As Floowy explains in one of the comments, modders need to unite over one type of pallets for production objects like these. Hopefully, it’ll happen.

      • As mentioned earlier and after the release of the Global Market, we’re working on a list for harmonizing the fillType declarations. It’s a :%(&#/&=: piece of hard work to find all the popular fillTypes and find a declaration scheme that can be given as “standard” but we’re on it and we’re optimistic to reach the goal in the next 2-3 weeks. But in the end it’ll be a never-ending story at all 😁

        Btt, I can announce an upcoming update of the sawmill pack with many fixed issues, especially the empty pallets output positions, enlarged (fixed) wood beams output, if we’re in time with the bugfixing, think it’s possible to bring in the option that the output products are sellable at the standard sellpoints at the map.

        And especially for you Erik, the next big thing from Kastor is short before release 😉ütterung/?postID=80225#post80225

        Regards [DSA]Floowy

  4. what a beautiful mod, but it seems it cant be used with the other GC operations, your empty pallets and cartons do not seem to be able to be used with other production plants.

    • Thanks for reporting, Sneaky Pete. Have you tested it yet?

      (Updated) Aaah, now I understand (sorry, I’ve just started testing it…) There’s a selling point included with the mod that lets you sell all the different products that come out of the sawmill, including the pallets.

      I’ll see if I can find a mod, that requires pallets, to see if the pallets from this sawmill work.

      • For the moment it’s only possible to sell them at the delieverd selling point that’s included. Also using for other actions isn’t possible…by now 😉 this happens due to the millions of different “filltype” writings around the FS world. We’re working on it 😊
        Regards [DSA]Floowy

  5. Hello Erik, hello everyone! I told you, you will be the first to inform of the ETA of our sawmill pack.
    I’m happy to be able to confirm the ETA of it.
    The release of the sawmill pack will happen tomorrow, Sunday before lunchtime. Depending on how early Kastor will be awake, I guess the release time will be around 9-11am.
    If he tells me before the upload is finished, I’ll update this reply with the downloadlink where you can download it a short while after my post 🙂
    Cheers [DSA]Floowy

  6. Hello Erik, [DSA]Floowy once again, some good news for you and all the waiters for the sawmill pack. The MP tests are short before an end, There are some tiny bugfixes needed, Kastor is already on it. Seems the ETA this weekend can be confirmed, 90% sure 😉
    Wish you a good start of the upcoming weekend, stay focused.

    Regards Floowy

  7. Hey Erik, [DSA]Floowy again…I can understand that you’re excited, so I’m happy to inform you that the SP test is almost finished and we, the [DSA] team, will start the MP test shortly. Think 1-2 days we’ll begin with it. So, the release in Feb, maybe during next week seems possible, depending on our internal test results. If you’re willing to register at the DSA forum and write me a message, I can keep you informed more faster if you want 😉 Otherwise I will give you an update as soon as we finished.

      • Greetings Erik, waiting for your registration 😉 The first internal tests are finished, A small amount of adjustments needs to be done, slighty fixings are almost finished, sounds needs to be added but in total the sawmill is almost ready for release. Be prepared for the upcoming launch. All signs are pointing to a release date this weekend. Kastor is working hard on it.
        Stay tuned 🙂 I promise you’ll be informed first.

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