Slovak Village (Seasons 19 Ready)

Farming Simulator 19 mod map presentation: The amazing Slovak Village map, created by MrHector.

Do you want to try your farming luck in the eastern parts of Europe? Then you won’t probably find a much better map than this one.

In the real world, about 39 % of Slovakia is cultivated. Wheat, barley, corn, and potatoes are the most important crops. Cattle are the most important livestock, followed by pigs.

Slovak Village Features

The Slovak village map has all Farming Simulator 19 features. And then some. A lot of the fields are square, but there are also several irregular shaped fields.

If you use this map in the New Farmer mode, animal pens for cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens are already in place. All enclosures are ready for the Animal Pen Extension mod.

The main farm, in the New Farmer mode, is big and impressive. It makes perfect use of many of the (updated) buildings veteran farmers recognize from the FS15 Sosnovka map. And yes, you can sell many of the buildings and the objects.

Your farm in the New Farmer mode.

Trains and Villages

The map has a working train. There are several places where you can load and unload it, for example, at the train station in the city. There’s also a train stop within the forest area where you can load the train with woodchips. And yes, the crane works…

You can load the train with woodchips inside the forest. And the log crane works.

Note: All railroad silos, selling points, and shops have their specific opening hours. Want to sell or buy after the opening hours? Too bad. You have to wait until they open.

You’ll find your Farmhouse inside the village. It has both a chicken pasture and a sleep trigger.

Your Farmhouse inside the village. It’s here you sleep and keep chickens.

Be Self-Sufficient

You can produce much of the stuff you need yourself, like seeds, fertilizer, and manure. Just add the required ingredients to the different production facilities. You must install the GlobalCompany mod for this. When enabled, the GC mod will inform you of what you need at each production station.

The GlobalCompany menu is the perfect ingredients guide.

One of the many cool features on this map, is the Manitou forklift at the vehicle shop in the city. You don’t own it, which means you can’t tab into it. But you are still free to use it. You have to enter it manually. It’s great for loading the pallets you buy onto a trailer.

You can borrow the forklift at the vehicle shop.

Gold Mining

The Slovak Village map has several factories. There is, for example, a meat factory and a soymilk production plant. The Globalcompany mod runs all the factories. Again, the GC menu will help you figure out what you need to get the production going.

This factory makes soy milk and pig food, among other things.

There’s also a quarry inside the forest. Here’ you can extract stones, gravel, soil, and gold. To get started, you’ll need fuel and things that go boom! (The shop has everything you need, like cement and dynamite…)

The shop is ready to fulfill most of your needs.

The quarry is the perfect place to put stuff like excavators, for example.

Mmmmm… Excavators… The heaps in the background? They pop up, thanks to dynamite and the GlobalCompany mod.

It also has some really cool animations.

You should definitely check out the brick stacking robot in action.

Here’s an overview of where you can unload gravel, stones, and soil:

You’ll also need fuel and water.


A vast forest covers the western part of the map. Besides looking awesome, it’s also a magnificent place for forestry fans.

You can turn logs into pallets, which are essential for several of the factories. The pallet production takes place at the factory inside the forest. There’s also a standard Farming Simulator sawmill just outside the northern part of the woods.

The forest on this map is one of the most lifelike I’ve ever seen.

Placeables Included

The map includes several placeable objects, like different production objects, silos, sheds, and stuff for decorations.

You’ll find all of them inside the Placeables category in the shop.

Buy them… or sell them.

Useful Hints

Here are some of the map maker’s best tips for a great start with the Slovak Village map:

  • None of the factories and selling points are open when you enter the map for the first time. Give it one in-game hour, and everything will revert to the standard opening hours.
  • There’s a manure and liquid manure trader on the map. You can both sell and buy the good stuff here.
  • You must buy the land the factories are placed on to start manufacturing.
  • In the south-east region of the Slovak Village map, you’ll find a working orchard together with greenhouses.
  • The city vehicle shop has most of what you need, also for the factories.

Ready for Seasons 19

Notice the snowy mountains in the background?

The Slovak village map works perfectly with Seasons 19. The mapper has made sure much of the textures change during the seasons, and not only the leaves on the trees.

The texture changes also happen to stuff like the foliage and the distant mountains, which is a nice touch.

He has also made a custom GEO for his map, which you can find on the official Modhub (see below.)

Required and Recommended Mods

To make the most of the Slovak Village map, you’ll need some mods. Here they are:

  • GlobalCompany (mandatory) – You’ll need it for all the production plants. Please use the modhub version.
  • LSFM Universal Tanks pack (recommended) – Makes transporting all the map’s liquids easier.
  • The Slovakia GEO mod (recommended) – The best Seasons GEO mod for the map, made by the map creator himself.

FS19 Slovak Village Mod Specs

Each time I open a new map, I want it to have an atmosphere. I want the map to give me a good feeling. This map does that. Immensely! It’s a fantastic creation. It has tons of atmosphere, thanks to a great layout and skillful mapping.

The map has so many great details. The creator must have spent an insane amount of time, getting it as close to reality as possible. For example, the forest area is one of the best I’ve ever seen in FS19. All in all, it’s one the best, most beautiful maps so far.

Despite all the details, like static cars, trucks, and farm machinery, the map runs smoothly on my mid-level gaming rig.

  • Map Name: Slovak Village.
  • Credits: MrHector.
  • Map size: Standard.
  • Number of fields: 37.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 62.
  • Selling points: 14.
  • Additional crops: No.
  • Prepared for Seasons 19: Yes.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

Video Tour

If you want a video tour of the map, check out Farmer Klein’s impressive presentation on YouTube.

Version – A Massive Update

(Updated March 17, 2020) One of the best Farming Simulator 19 maps just got a whole lot better. MrHector released an update last weekend with several fixes and tons of additions. And no, the new version does not require a fresh gamesave.

MrHector has written an extensive changelog for the update. I recommend that you read it for yourself, but here are some highlights:

  • A lot of gameplay changes: The latest version has adjustments for many of the crop and product prices. Several factories have adjusted requirement and output values.
  • Some factories also have an increased capacity for some of the required materials, like water.
  • In the placeables category, you’ll find stuff like a placeable Carton Production factory and animal pens for horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

The new version of the map comes with a modded Thunder Creek FST990 fuel trailer, making it easier to fill up factories that require fuel.

You can use the included Thunder Creek trailer to add fuel to the factories. Image credit: MrHector on Facebook.

MrHector has also added support for Wopster’s Manure System mod to the pig and cow pastures.

The Slovak Village map is the first to include Wopster’s Manure System for buildings. Image credit: MrHector on Facebook.

Where to Download

To get your hands on the stunning Slovak Village map, you must visit the release post on Facebook. The blue button opens it. Just look for the download link at the bottom of the post.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. Hello little worries with the straw dlc, it does not work with the seasons mod its displays an error. Hoping for an update soon. Thank you.

    • The map creator has posted on FB that he’s updating the amount of fruits for the map, so that the staw DLC will work.

  2. Liking the map so far except i’m having troubles with the sawmill. The boards are being spawned in the blue are under a vehicle shed (changed from looking at videos) but the’re not spawning on pallets and i can’t pick them up. Am i missing something or is this a bug?.

  3. Great map! Spent around 50 hours on it and it is truly amazing, very well balanced.

    Have a small ask though: to the east side of the south gate of the farm, there seems to be a weigh station, but it doesn’t work. Will be great if it is operational. (I know in some sell points, the weigh station does work with a little charge.)

  4. Hi. It is normal, Just like the original maps, i kept the option to fully experience start from scratch and farm manager game modes where you have nothing as you can also see in the description that preplaced objects are in new farmer. and if you want to paly with my preplaced stuff you can use new farmer game mode and if you want to play that on server you have to first create new game on new farmer mode in single and upload it to server. No idea why game authors did not included new farmer when creating new save in mp, it would work the same, there would be just alredy created one farm which owns all the preplaced stuff, easy as it is, i do not see any issue, but it is what it is… we ahve to deal with it.

  5. Just having a small issue. The seed maker in the yard won’t accept the liquid fertilizer pallets like before. Wonder if its the pallets problem after the manure system update or something else because the Liquid pallets no longer get stored in GTX’s shelf storage mod either.

    • This is issue of manure system mod, since it completly changes the functionality of theese pallets, probably the only way to fill seed maker with herbicide or liquid fertilizer is using some trailer if you want to use manure system mod also.

  6. I’ve got the problem that when I spawn, the farm buildings aren’t loaded. The ground is edited and leveled. You can see where the ground is supposed to be. But I Don’t see the buildings. Any idea what the problem could be?

      • Hey Erik,

        & Thank you for responding.
        No i started it in a dedicated server with lan party. Wanted to play with my little brother.

        Starting it as new farmer on career fixed the issue.

        Guess i’ll be farming solo then 😉


  7. Great map!! Probably a dum question, but how do i install the latest version of the map without deleting the save game i got?

    • Thanks for commenting, Stian T. 🙂 And your questions isn’t dumb! The good news is that the update does not require a new gamesave. But, for the future, take a look at this post over at the official FS forum.

  8. Hey my issue is either with the map or the global company mod. I cant get the pallet factory up and going. I have bought the pallet factory and have bought the starting pallets but nothing. No numbers on the green displays outside of the bins. I have also tried looking for the global company menu and cant seem to find it and I am at a loss. Any help here would be hot!

  9. Awesome map. Only issue is that I would not recommend using the embedded GEO on 3 day seasons. I didn’t have dry fields all spring and summer (I’ve only played up till late summer, but the forcast doesn’t look good.) I’ll be going with either more days or a drier GEO next spring. Otherwise I can not recommend this map to much. I hope to see more out of MrHector in the future.

  10. Great Review ! Made me want to play the map and I absolutely love it. So detailed it’s insane, and with the Production stuff, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for !
    There is just this thing where everytime I leave the game and come back to the save, “Property Maintenance” cost me 18000$ ! EVERYTIME So I have now 150k something of property maintenance, still the first day 😉
    Anyway, it’s solvable via the xml but anyone has an idea why it does that ?

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