Felsbrunn Modding-Welt Edition 1.0.0

Here’s the Modding-Welt edit of the Felsbrunn map for Farming Simulator 19. The download instructions are located at the end of this post.

Yes, you will definitely recognize most of the field layouts from the vanilla version of Felsbrunn. But a lot has changed too. Most important is the implementation of the beautiful farm buildings pack made by BernieSCS. It’s worth downloading the map just because of it.


Furthermore, the modder has added lots of additional goodies to the map. For it to work correctly, you should download the following mods:

The second mod on the list lets you use sugar beets to produce biogas.

New Textures and Symbols

The Modding-Welt version of the Felsbrunn map has a custom set of foliage textures. Many of the crops have new symbols. And when you want to sell your products, you have several options:

  • Poplar bales (made with the Anderson DLC) can be sold at the wood chip plant, north-east of the map.
  • Cotton bales can be sold at the wool factory to the south.
  • You can buy Total Mixed Ration (TMR) at the BayWa facility.

Straw from Canola

This map lets you create straw from both canola and soybeans. Just remember to put the combine in straw swath mode before threshing. Note that the fermentation process of the built-in silos is 48 hours. And that all interaction ground markings can be turned off or on in the main menu.

Liquid Transport

In the shop, in the Tools | Miscellaneous category, there are two transport trailers. These can transport all kinds of liquids, whether it’s milk, water, herbicide or fuel. The capacities are 12,000 and 32,000 liters, respectively.

A Farm with Tons of Options

The inclusion of BernieSCS’ buildings mega pack adds a lot of options to your farm. You get a fuel tank capable of holding 12,000 liters. A bulk material hall. A drive-through silo. A storage silo for seeds, fertilizer, and lime. There’s also a liquid tank, accepting everything except liquid manure and digestate.

Here are some of the other objects you get:

  • One storage for slurry and digestate.
  • A hay dryer.
  • Storage for wood chips, plus several shelters and racks.

More Advanced Animals

The map adds new functionality to the animals and how they breed. The rate of birth has been increased for all species. They need more food and water than vanilla animals. Chickens require straw and water in addition to grain, while horses produce manure and therefore want straw…

No Seasons 19

This version of the Felsbrunn map is not prepared for Seasons 19. The Seasons mod will most likely work. But it might create some artifacts to the map. It’s also worth mentioning that the Animal Pen Extension mod won’t work neither.

FS19 Felsbrunn Modding-Welt Edition

Here are some important details about really good Felsbrun-edit:

  • Map Name: Felsbrunn Modding-Welt Edition.
  • Credits: The Modding-Welt Team (see the attached PDF file for additional credits.)
  • Map size: Standard.
  • Number of fields: 30.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 54.
  • Selling points: 24.

How to Download

The Modding-Welt Team’s take on the Felsbrunn map is hosted over at Uploaded. When you press the blue button below, you’ll be taken to the official download page.

Unpack First

You need to extract the file after you’ve downloaded it (you can use 7-Zip, for example.) Inside the folder (KARTE_Felsbrunn – Entpacken), you’ll find the map file (aaa_KARTE_Felsbrunn.zip) that you’ll copy to your mods folder. There’s also a PDF manual (in German) inside the folder, with more information and extended credits.

Go to Download

(Via Modding-Welt)

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