Somewhere in Thuringia II (4X Map)

A Brilliant European Based Map from Master Modder Kastor

Kastor has just released the FS19 mod map Somewhere in Thuringia (Irgendwo in Thüringen) part II. And what a map it is! It’s a pure delight to do farming on maps like this one. No wonder Kastor (D-S-Agrarservice) is one of the most respected modders out there.

First of all, this is a 4x map. It’s much larger than the standard Giants’ map size. It’s perfect for multiplayer. Planning on playing it solo? Then you really should consider getting Coruseplay

Somewhere in Thuringia Facts

  • The terrain, forests, and roads have been created based on data from Google Earth.
  • There are 120(!) buyable parcels, 60 fields, and 40 forest areas.
  • There are also 16 meadows that should be more than enough, even for large dairy farms.
  • 5 selling points and 2 buying points for fertilizer, seeds, and lime.

The Somewhere in Thuringia map has 3 smaller villages with working traffic. And if you’re a fan of multi terrain angles, you’ll be happy to learn that Kastor has incorporated this into the map.

5 Farms

Moving on… There are 5 farms on the map. All can be yours. 4 of them have installed BGAs. The farms come fully equipped with buildings, sheds, and silos. But there’s still room for more.

AI workers will work to some extent. But to be on the safe side, you’ll be better off using Courseplay.

Version – So Many Changes

(Updated October 28, 2019) According to Kastor himself, a lot of beer, fast food, and sleepless nights have gone into making the next version of the fantastic behemoth map. Here are some of the new stuff you can enjoy.

Seasons 19 Ready

This version of the Somewhere in Thuringia map has been prepared for Seasons 19. It makes an already fantastic map even more stunning. You will, of course need to download the Seasons mod to your computer and activate it.

Missions Are Go!

The new version of the map includes field missions. Kastor has taken on the enormous task of adding field boundaries to each and every field, making it possible to make money from other farmers.

Some map objects make use of the GlobalCompany (GC) script mod, as well. There are storage facilities for lime, fertilizer, and seeds that can be used with GC.

Useful Info

This map is huge! A lot is going on. To get you started best way possible, here are some helpful info:

  • Notice the train? It does not have a function. It’s just for show. You can disable tabbing into it in the main menu.
  • There are field missions, but no transport jobs.
  • Pallets of tree seedlings can be sold at the sawmill (at the wood chips trigger). Use a front loader to get the moolah.

If you want to play the map in single-player, you have to drag and drop the XML files into the Zip-file and replace the current ones. This will make farm 2 to 5 work.

FS19 Somewhere in Thuringia II

This is, without doubt, one of the best Farming Simulator 19 maps. It’s so beautiful, stuffed with tons of stunning details. Just one example: Take a look at the roofs during the Winter… I also appreciate all the custom buildings that have been made for this map, like this considerable pigsty.

When you’ve grown tired of small fields, this is the perfect next step. It lets the big machinery shine. Here are some details:

  • Map Name: Somewhere in Thüringen II (Irgendwo in Thüringen II.)
  • Credits: Kastor (the main guy.)
  • Map size: 4x – Large.
  • Number of fields: 60 fields, 16 meadows.
  • Buyable farmlands: 121 (40 forests included.)
  • Selling points: 5.
  • Prepared for Seasons 19: Yes.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac. Changelog – Lots of Fixes

(Updated November 20, 2019) The Somewhere in Thuringia map is one of the best Farming Simulator 19 maps ever. Period! Now, with the recent update, it’s even better.

Important: Again, you need to unpack the file once you’ve downloaded it. The unpacked folder contains a new folder called “Savegame datein.” If you don’t want to start a new gamesave, but still want to enjoy most of the changes, you can add the three files in that folder to your current gamesave. Please make a backup of your current gamesave first. Look for these files:

  • plcColMap.grle
  • terrain.heightmap.png
  • tipColMap.grle

If you’re ok with starting all over, using a fresh gamesave, you can ignore that folder.

And now, some of the most important stuff from the changelog:

  • Farm 3 cowshed has a fix – Needs a new gamesave, or the files mentioned above for existing saves, to work.
  • The starting point, in single-player, easy mode, is now farm 5 – New save is required.
  • Farm 1 ground is fixed – Use new gamesave. Or use the files in the “Savegame datein” folder.
  • There are fixes for the hay storages on farms 1 and 2, together with the maximum allowed animals on farm 1.
  • Pallets from the tree nursery have changed. You can only sell them at the shop. With a new game, you can sell them at the sawmill.
  • You can now use straw bales for bedding at the pig farm.

Some of the storage capacities have been re-worked. And several fixes have been implemented for stuff like physics warnings, doors, and gates.

A section of the new starter farm in single-player…

How to Download

You need to visit Kastor’s website to download Somewhere in Thüringen II(just click the blue button below.) Look for the line that says “Hier geht’s zum Download” at the bottom of the forum post.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


      • You’re welcome and thanks for the nice words about IiT2. Kastor has spend more then 1y to create it. He started before release date of FS19 was announced to public, 😉
        But anyways, like I said, best help will be possible at our forum.
        Also stay tuned for the following update of the “Somewhere in Thuringia 2” map 😉
        We fixed a few things, the sawmill you mentioned above will be included and replace the actual one at the map, the new global market will be already included 😉 and more productions will be there…maybe 😀
        Regards [DSA]Floowy

  1. 3 Things about this map:
    1… Nowhere to place your own placeables. Including extra animal pens. Even if you willing to use the ingame tools, it is hard to find good spots.
    2. Field hazards. AI, enhanced AI, and Courseplay struggle with this map. You will do everything yourself. Which makes it near impossible to farm a large chunk of the map. So this map works for SP if you concentrate on animals and forestry.
    3. “You don’t own this land”… it is hugely annoying when you can’t work at field edges, because there is not enough margin in the bitmask.

    It certainly is a very beautiful and natural looking map. I enjoy the realism, but it comes at a cost against playability.

    • Hi Dajoor, thank you very much for sharing your findings. Yes, tight field boundaries are unfortunately too common in some of the more realistic FS 19 maps. My half-baked solution is to create new field borders, using Courseplay. I have to sacrifice the outermost parts of the fields, by driving some in-game meters in from the actual border. But it helps against most of those landowner warnings.

  2. even after replacing the XML as stated in the few tutorials I could find, the map straight up refuses to load even with no other mod active.

  3. bonjour a vous pourais ton avoir de l aide pour cette carte ou peut de monde peut joue d ou la complexite qu il faut pour joue sur cette carte en solo merci a vous d avance

  4. I wish it had a different download link. I really like what I see here but the download is terrible on that service.

  5. Hi,

    Finding it really hard to install this.

    Can you provide detailed instructions for single player?


    • Hi Scott, thanks for commenting 🙂 Sure, I’ll try my best…

      1. Unpack the “FS19_Irgendwo_In_ThueringenII_Bitte_Entpacken.rar” file. I use 7-Zip for this. Choose the “Extract to FS19_Irgendwo_In_ThueringenII_Bitte_Entpacken\” option.
      2. Now, inside the folder you’ve just unpacked, open the folder called “ItemsXML für SP”.
      3. Copy both files within that folder (“mapDE_items.xml” and “mapDE_vehicles.xml”) and paste them in the main folder (“FS19_Irgendwo_In_ThueringenII_Bitte_Entpacken”)
      4. Mark both files (“mapDE_items.xml” and “mapDE_vehicles.xml”), drag and drop them over the “” file.

      This should do the trick.

      You can also unzip the file, copy the two files into the main folder, before zipping it back together, using the exact same file name (“FS19_Irgendwo_in_Thueringen_2”.)

      I hope this helps 🙂

  6. Hallo,
    die Map ist dir echt sehr gut gelungen. Nur schade das die Höfe so klein sind das man keine Ställe aufstellen kann. Und es wäre schön, wenn man Dinge direkt an die grenze von den Höfen platzieren könnte, und das man so Parzellen um die Höfe einzeln kaufen könnte. Nicht für über 990 Mio soviel. Ansonsten super die ganzen Dekos, wie in echt geworden.
    Glg CabyOpi

    • Thank you – I will try to notify the map maker about your comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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