Somewhere in Thüringen II 4X Mod Map

A Brilliant European Based Map from Master Modder Kastor

Kastor has just released the FS19 mod map Somewhere in Thüringen part II. And what a map it is! It’s a pure delight to do farming on maps like this one. No wonder Kastor (D-S-Agrarservice) is one of the most respected modders out there.

First of all, this is a 4x map. It’s much larger than the standard Giants’ map size. It’s perfect for multiplayer. Planning on playing it solo? Then you really should consider getting Coruseplay…

Somewhere in Thüringen Facts

Here’s the PDA map… Just remember it’s 4 x 4 km.
  • The terrain, forests, and roads have been created based on data from Google Earth.
  • There are 120(!) buyable parcels, 60 fields, and 40 forest areas.
  • There are also 16 meadows that should be more than enough, even for large dairy farms.
  • 5 selling points and 2 buying points for fertilizer, seeds, and lime.

The Somewhere in Thüringen map has 3 smaller villages with working traffic. And if you’re a fan of multi terrain angles, you’ll be happy to learn that Kastor has incorporated this into the map.

No missions

Moving on… There are 5 farms on the map. All can be yours. 4 of them have installed BGAs. The farms come fully equipped with buildings, sheds, and silos. But there’s still room for more.

AI workers will work to some extent. But to be on the safe side, you’ll be better off when using Courseplay. There’s a train. It works (although it sometimes starts outside the map boundaries.) But it’s doesn’t seem to have function (yet). There might be a future update that will make the train more useful.

And there are no missions…

How to Download

You need to visit Kastor’s website to download Somewhere in Thüringen II(just click the blue button below.) Look for the line that says “Hier geht’s zum Download” at the bottom of the forum post.

Go to Download – 514MB

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link.


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  1. Hallo,
    die Map ist dir echt sehr gut gelungen. Nur schade das die Höfe so klein sind das man keine Ställe aufstellen kann. Und es wäre schön, wenn man Dinge direkt an die grenze von den Höfen platzieren könnte, und das man so Parzellen um die Höfe einzeln kaufen könnte. Nicht für über 990 Mio soviel. Ansonsten super die ganzen Dekos, wie in echt geworden.
    Glg CabyOpi

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