Fenton Forest Mod Map by Stevie

One of The Best FS Map Makers Makes a Stunning FS19 debut

Here you have the Fenton Forest mod map for Farming Simulator 19. This FS19 mod map is created by Stevie. Longtime players associate his name with top-notch mod maps. Fenton Forest is no exception.

Stevie’s map is a massive edit of Giants’ Felsbrunn map. Tons of stuff has changed. Most significant are the fields. Many of the smaller Felsbrunn fields have been merged into bigger one, justifying the need for bigger equipment.

And the central farm has been moved to one of the map’s corners. It’s a nice move, giving more space to arable areas.

A Massive Rebuild

Here are some of the things Stevie has done:

  • All animals are gathered at the main farm.
  • The Silo holds most items, including milk.
  • Storage for manure, digestate, and liquid has been added to the main farm.
  • Fenton Forest has a vast natural forestry section (costs a pretty penny though.)
  • The BGA (already included with the farm) has a sunken high capacity tip point (just drive a trailer over it.)
  • The fields are both square and shaped.
  • And for everyone missing the FS17 log crane: It’s several of them on this map.
Here’s Stevie’s Fenton Forest PDA map.

When you start a new game, you already have animals and an excellent selection of great machinery. You also have supplies in the silo to sell or feed to your animals. The farm buildings generate solar income. It’s not much but helps towards running costs.

Some facts:

  • There are 16 fields all in all.
  • 14 selling points including the spinnery, sawmill, and the BGA.
  • Silo capacity: 16,000,000 Liters per crop.

We already clocked almost 100 hours on Fenton Forest. It’s a darn good map. We look forward to even more updates, for example a future inclusion of the Factory scripts.

Fenton Forest Version 1.3 is Here

(Update March 23, 2019) Stevie has updated the fantastic Fenton mod map. And yes, all the updates require a new game save…

Here are some of the changes:

  • The map has gotten further ground collisions and foliage layers.
  • Shaders, the clip distances, LODs and XML files have been adjusted.
  • Several new items have been installed.
  • It’s possible to paint grass in first growth stage using the in-game editor.
  • Most of the prices have been adjusted. And the BGA has gotten a rebuild.

Another significant change is that the main placeable areas have been separated. They now cost a lot less to buy.

Version 1.33

You have to buy the animals with this update.

Stevie has posted another update on his Facebook page. This is probably the last update of the Fenton Forest map (though Stevie has mentioned making a 4 x 4 version of it.)

In order to use this version, you need to start a new gamesave. And you should not copy over older gamesaves once you’ve created a new one. That will break stuff.

The most significant change in this version is that you no longer start with animals. You have to buy them.

P.S. The Download button is located below…

Version 1.34 is Here

(Update April 8, 2019) It seems Stevie never rest. A new version is available. The good thing is that this version should not require a new gamesave. Just don’t rename the map folders, and you should be fine.

Here are some of the new changes:

  • Animal zone lights are now grouped with the placeables. They won’t be left behind if you sell the animal pens.
  • A collision bug at the cow silo has been removed, the animal slurry pits have been lowered, wool pallets area is increased, and the cows won’t longer jump on top of the milking machine…
  • The farm barn now accepts bio bales (from the Anderson Group DLC.)
  • Rigid body collisions have been removed from the farm silo chute. Your Väderstad Seed Hawk won’t get stuck.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

How to Download: The button below takes you to the Fenton Forest release post on Facebook. Look for the download link at the bottom of the post.

Go to Download – 1.3BG

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

Want Smoother FPS?

To have better FPS, you should delete the old cache. This is how you do it: Delete the shade cache folder, load the map in a new gamesave and start driving. Do some in-cab driving too. Include most areas, some at night also.

Save and exit the game. Remember to delete that gamesave before quitting the game entirely. When you start a fresh game after doing this, the FPS should be nice and smooth.

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