County Line 2.0 (Seasons 19 Ready)

Do you want to download the County Line mod map for Farming Simulator 19? Well, here’s your chance.

County Line FS19 is easily one of the best American maps for Farming Simulator 19. The map was first made for Farming Simulator 2015 by Blueweb. Now, it’s converted brilliantly to Farming Simulator 19 by KS Mapping. It’s a 4x map, based on the Midwestern USA.

The FS19 version of County Line has two towns: Moore and Burksville. Surrounding the towns are 33 crop fields, ranging from 13 to 200 acres. There are also several grass pastures that can be bought.

It’s Huge

This is a huge map, with lots of selling points, including a sawmill where you can sell the logs you cut from the nearby forest. (There’s an unmarked woodchip selling point by the tractor, to the left of the log selling trigger.)

Other than that, this version of the County Line map has field missions and multi-terrain angles.

(Another conversion of this map was released some weeks ago by a guy called Yazu. Not only was it unauthorized. It had plenty of errors and was missing several critical FS19 features. The KS Mapping version is the version you want, not the Yazu-ripoff.)

Lease Equipment First

You won’t have any equipment when starting a new game on County Line FS19, not even on the ‘New Farmer’ Mode (update July, 2019: This has changed, see below.) But you own some land. Lease a harvester and a truck, and you should see some nice profits from your first harvest.

County Line FS19

Here are the most essential bits of information about this map:

  • Map Name: County Line.
  • Main modder: KS Mapping.
  • Map size: Large (4×4 km.)
  • Number of fields: 33 crop fields + additional meadows.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 48.
  • Selling points: 15.

The Readme file within the map’s zip-file contains a lot of useful information. If you don’t want to unzip the file yourself, you can read a copy here.

Map Guide

KS Mapping has made a guide for the FS19 County Line map (we wish more map and mod makers would do this.) Unzip the map file and read the ‘ReadME.txt’ file. It covers most of what you need to know.

Version 2.0 – Ready for Seasons

(Update July 27, 2019) Now that didn’t take long… Thanks to the hard work of KS Mapping, County Line is now ready for snow (and other seasonal changes.) You must, of course, have the Seasons 19 mod in your mods folder and activate it.

If you decide to download and use the new version of the map, you absolutely need to start a new gamesave, even if you don’t want to use Seasons with it. Cause there are other changes to the map as well:

  • The train works, although the gates don’t stop AI traffic, that will drive straight through the train. (No AI drivers are harmed though…)
  • Some of the County Line water looked very dark in the previous version. This is fixed.
  • A foliage folder has been added (FS19_CountyLine_Seasons/maps/foliage), making it easier to install custom foliage. Just drop them in that folder.
  • Stutter-bug with Courseplay mode 2 (combine unload) is fixed.
  • There’s starter equipment on the New Farmer mode now.

It’s recommended that you use the Mid-West GEO mod with the Seasons version of Countyline.

How to Download

The blue button below opens the County Line mod page on American Eagles Modding. But you need to register to download the map (registration is free and worth the effort.) Just register first, then download and enjoy this gorgeous map.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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