Western Australia 4x Mod Map 2.0.0

A Great Introduction to Big Scale Farming Aussie Style

Crikey! This is a beautiful FS19 Mod map! The Western Australia 4x map is impressive. Both in size and quality. Good on ya, DecanKane (the main modder.) The map is based on the “Grainbelt” aka “The Wheatbelt” in the south western part of Australia.

The Version 2.0.0 living quarters.

And grain it is. In fact, it’s the only thing here. There are no forestry or taking care of animals. It’s just grown crops.

1,500 Hectares

To make up for the lack of other stuff to do than growing grain, DecanKane has equipped the map with an impressive line-up of starting machinery. Here you’ll get all the big-boy toys of the Giants vanilla roster when you enter your farm. And you’ll need it! Because the map has 1500 hectares (that’s 3,706.5 acres) of arable land.

This is the PDA map.

The Western Australia FS19 map is great for multiplayer. Introverts and solo players better download Courseplay. Farming this map alone is next to impossible.

FS19 Western Australia 4x Map

  • Map Name: Western Australia.
  • Modder: DecanKane.
  • Map size: Large (4×4)
  • Number of fields: 25 (huuuge fields).
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 26.
  • Selling points: 4.

DecanKane also promises to make updates to the map in the future.

Western Australia 2.0.0

(May 2019) The map did get an update some time ago (sorry for not catching the update when it happened…) Anyhow – here are some of the changes:

  • There’s a new house on the farm. With sleeping trigger (made by BernieSCS)
  • The dealer has moved – From the farm to the commercial area of the map.
  • AI Traffic and pedestrians have been added (might be subject to future changes.)
  • You can now buy liquid fertilizer, solid fertilizer, and lime at the silos found within the industrial park.

There are also some minor bug fixes. And two new crops have been added: rye and millet.

Version 2.0.0 Requires New Gamesave

From the modder (DecanKane): Please start a new game if you want to use the map. The terrain has changed a bit. This will also be necessary due to the new crops.

And when you start a new game, use the “easiest” difficulty level. All lands belong to you immediately, and the fields are sown. If you don’t want to have all farmlands and fields, you can sell them again without any problems.

This is your farm…

How to Download:

Do you want to try this map out? Click on the button below. It will take you the Filehorst download page (the modder’s own link.)

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