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Fenton Forest 4x Map 6.0 (Seasons 19 Ready)

Let us show you the best place to download the Fenton Forest 4x map for Farming Simulator 19. The download instructions are at the bottom of this post if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re just going to play one 4x map this year, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has everything you would expect from an excellent FS19 mod map. Various fields sizes (from manageable to insanely huge), a spacious farmyard ready for lots of placeable objects, and, of course, a vast forest that will keep you occupied for hours.

And yeah, the map has been prepared for Seasons 19.

The Soul of Felsbrunn

It’s the vanilla Felsbrunn map that makes the foundation for the Fenton Forest 4x map. But don’t you for one second think that this is just another edit. This is a complete rebuild where you’ll only recognize a fraction of the original map.

Custom Placeables

One of the many things I like about Stevie’s map is all the custom made, placeable objects. Sure, you can download other production mods. But why would you, when Stevie already has made own versions, that suits the map perfectly.

You’ll find all the included objects within the different Placeables categories.

Having said that, Fenton Forest 4x has lots of space for placeables. Things like the GlobalCompany mods will work great here.

First Class Mapping

Every time I want to make sure that I get a high quality, fun, and exciting farming simulator map, I turn to Stevie. Stevie has been making maps since the early days of Farming Simulator 2015. I’ve never been let down by his creations.

The maps are all first-class, with great layouts and tons of stuff to do. The Fenton Forest 4x map is no exception.

FS19 Fenton Forest 4x

Here are some of the most critical points about this map:

  • Map Name: Fenton Forest 4x.
  • Modder: Stevie.
  • Map size: XL (4x)
  • Number of fields: 42.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 50.
  • Selling points: 21.
  • Seasons 19 ready: Yes.
  • Errors: Nothing to report.

Unpack First

You need to unzip the mods file first. Open the extracted folder and copy the file to your mods folder. Notice the file that says Fenton4x.rtf? That’s your handy guide to the new map updates (wish more mappers would do like Stevie.) It contains useful information about the map, making it easier to enjoy it fully.

Donate to Stevie

The Fenton Forest XL map is free, like most other Farming Simulator 19 mods. But if you want to show Stevie some gratitude, you’re more than welcome to donate to his work. Here’s the donation link:

Version 6.0 – Custom Seasons Textures

(Updated August 25, 2019) Looking for a map where almost everything looks as it should during the 4 seasons? Well, then you should download Fenton Forest 6.0. Stevie has made many custom foliage textures for his map that change as the year goes by.

The map now also supports the Animal Pen Extension mod. The store prices have been fixed, poplar trees have been removed, and several other small adjustments have been made too.

Yes, this version requires a new gamesave.

How to Download

Ok. Now for the fun part. Getting the map into your mods folder. Just click the button below. It opens Stevies’ release post for the map on Facebook. The download link is at the bottom of that post.

And while you’re on the Facebook page, be sure to leave the page a Like. Just to say “thanks” to a great mapper.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link.


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  1. I am having an issue with this map where I get an error that there is no room for a wool pallet at the sheep pen. There are no pallets currently there, and nothing appears to be blocking the area that appears to be marked for pallet production. Any fix for this?

  2. Stevie make awesome maps, I play (and played) all of them!

    Like you said in your publication, really nice attention to details! These maps are FUN to play!

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