Wild West Mod Map

Farming Simulator 19 mod map presentation: The Wild West mod map, created by Cazz64.

Are you up for a really, really, Big challenge? Then try your farming skills on this mega-map. It will probably keep you occupied for a while…

And if you’re into big farming machinery, you’ll most likely like it here. On this map, there’s no such thing as too many and too big…

Huge Map

Let’s look at some numbers to get our heads around how big this map is. First, you should know that a standard-sized Farming Simulator map is 2 x 2 kilometers. Then, there are 4x maps, which are 4 x 4 kilometers.

The Wild West map is 8 x 8 kilometers. You have almost 64,000,000 m² of arable farmland and forest areas at your disposal!


Yes, there are some small fields on the Wild West map. The smallest is about 3 acres or 1.2 hectares, which is a decent-sized field on a standard map…

The largest field (#17) is 2,021 acres or 818 hectares. Buying it will cost you a whopping 24,636,490 (on New Farmer, Easy Economy.)

I spent more than 18 minutes with a cultivator to get from end to end of that field.

Field #17 on the Wild West map is one of the largest Farming Simulator fields.


I’ve seen mega-maps where the modder has slapped a couple of mega-fields into it, calling it a mod. This is not the case here. The creator must have spent an insane amount of time bringing life and details to the map.

Several things impress me. Like the highway system and its traffic. And map optimization. A map of this size will wreak havoc on a lot of computers if not correctly optimized.

This map is optimized correctly. Kudos to Cazz64 for thinking of game performance when creating the map.

This is one part of the Wild West main farm.

Forestry Too

Yes, there are forests here. They, too, are humongous. Trees as far as the eye can see…

Since being inspired by an American environment, I would recommend US style logging. The bigger machinery and longer log lengths will be more efficient in these woods.

One of two huge forests and the sawmill.

The map includes several large areas where you can put down a lot of placeable objects.

You’ll find several areas like this scattered around the map, ideal for placeable objects.

You’ll also find a lot of custom made, placeable objects in the shop.

Remember to check the shop for some nice, custom made, placeable objects.

FS19 Wild West Mod Specs

I like this map a lot. Yes, it’s too big for most one-person crews. It’s great for multiplayer or massive automation of most farming chores.

The thing that pleases me most is how Cazz64 has done a magnificent job with detailing the map. Giving life to a 2 x 2 map is a lot of work. Adding this much details to a map of this size? Incredible!

You can’t judge the size of the map from the PDA map alone. You should download the map and see for yourself.
  • Map Name: Wild West.
  • The Map Creator: Cazz64.
  • Map size: 8 x 8 kilometers.
  • Number of fields: 82.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 112.
  • Selling points: 15.
  • Additional crops: Yes, for example, onion, clover, millet, rye, spelt, poppy, and hops.
  • Errors: I could not find any errors.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

P.S. You can join Cazz64’s Facebook group for help with the map and news about upcoming mods.

Where to Download

Cazz64 has made the Wild West map available for all PC and Mac players over at Sharemods. The blue button opens the download page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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      • Just tried it on my laptop, works perfect. It runs smoother than Medicine Creek, which I was surprised about. Definitely optimized! I have no complaints from this map after playing for about 10 minutes, I just need to learn how to harvest the crops. I leased a carrot harvester for starting off only to find it was a clover crop 😂

  1. I haven’t seen the map I’m reluctant to download I would ask Alex what the difference is between a reaper and combine harvester anyway if the map proves to be successful it would be a
    wonderful multiplayer map for a lot of groups to enjoy

  2. – Do they really think that clover should be harvested with a combine harvester? Clover flowers are harvested by the reaper, and the rest is like grass. This is nonsense.
    – Chickens like pigs eat beets, potatoes and carrots 🙂
    – Poplar is harvested by a forage harvester like corn 🙂
    – Harvest carrots, lettuce, cabbage and red cabbage will not succeed. No cleaning equipment. Need to look for a third-party modification. 🙁
    – Transport missions do not work, they are from another map, there are no such places on this map. 🙁

    • Thanks for commenting, Alex 🙂 (I’ve edited your comment slightly. Please be respectful.)

      The game allows for a multitude of play styles. You can, with the help of mods, play it ultra-realistic. Or you can create your own hybrid between realism and fantasy. Cazz64 has created a large community around his maps. His fans enjoy the different options he has created.

      Of course, it won’t appeal to every Farm Sim player out there. And that’s ok, because there are countless of other options.

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