Eiersholt 4x Mod Map (Seasons 19 Ready)

Here’s the Eiersholt 4x mod map for Farming Simulator 19, made by Datalund. The link to the download location is at the end of this showcase.

I think that the Loess Hill Country was one of the most underrated maps of Farming Simulator 17. Now, it has gotten a second chance, thanks to the hard work of Datalund. Eiersholt, which is the name of the FS19 version, looks even more stunning than the original.

Impressive Mapping

The amount of effort gone into making the map as realistic as possible is insane. Just check out how trees, bushes, and other plants blend in naturally, creating beautiful, life-like surroundings for villages, factories, and fields.

The main farmyard has a lot of buildings, like sheds, storage buildings, and animal pens. But it’s also divided into several farmlands. Buildings on farmlands you don’t already own, won’t be accessible until you’ve bought the land their sitting on.

All this can be yours…

For the Hard-Working Farmer

Eiersholt is a 4x map. It’s excellent for large scale multiplayer farming (note that I haven’t tested the map in multiplayer.) If you plan to play it by yourself, you can get a lot of AI manpower by using Courseplay.

Scattered around the map, you’ll find several smaller forests where you can hone your logging skills.

There are also a couple of areas to the North-West that’s perfect for creating new fields. But be warned – It’ll require a whole lot of work, especially removing all the trees.

Designated Areas for Placeables

Several areas have been made ready for placeable objects. All of them have a great-looking mix of several ground textures, not just one. This is a nice touch more mappers could learn from. The land looks more natural this way.

The map has also been prepared for Seasons 19. I especially like how it uses custom textures for a lot of the vegetation in the Spring and in the Fall.

FS19 Eiersholt 4x Map

I’m impressed with the work of Datalund. He keeps on updating the map, fixing and adding stuff. Many of you already know him from his YouTube channel, where he creates great tutorials for Courseplay, among other videos. Here’s more info about his fantastic map:

  • Map Name: Eiersholt.
  • Credits: Datalund (main mapper.)
  • Map size: Large – 4x.
  • Number of fields: 61 fields (there’s 1,082 ha of arable land.)
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 99.
  • Selling points: 16.
  • Additional crops: Alfalfa, rye, millet, clover, and triticale.

I could not find any errors or warnings in the log after spending several hours on Eiersholt. The only tiny detail that caught my eye is that some of the farmyard buildings aren’t 100 % level. But hey, that’s just my mild OCD talking…

Version – Increased Capacities

(Updated September 26, 2019) Datalund keeps improving his glorious Eiersholt map. The update includes a lot of changes and fixes. Here are some examples:

  • Many of the silos have an increased capacity, while most of the animal pens have space for more livestock.
  • Alfalfa dry is now a separate filltype at the TMR mixer at Eiersholt. And its bale trigger is adjusted, you no longer need to use the bale pusher.
  • An issue, where solid manure leaked through the walls of the manure pit, is fixed. Several other minor stuff, like texture issues and floating trees, is fixed as well.

You can read the full changelog inside the folder at the map page (click the blue button under.) And no, you don’t have to start a new gamesave.

Version – New PDA, Animal Pen Extension

(Updated December 21, 2019) Datalund has updated the Eiersholt map. There are a lot of additions and fixes. Here are some of the most important stuff:

  • The map now supports the Animal Pen Extension mod, and there’s a new PDA map together with 18 snow missions for everyone playing with Seasons 19.
  • There are now 128 terrain angles (it was 32), new textures for Alfalfa, and leveled ground for several of the buildings.
  • Sugarcanes and cotton are no longer part of the map. There are also several fixes for bugs like double planted trees, textures errors and problematic heaps.

You can read all about the updated version here. And yes, it requires a new gamesave.

Version – A Huge Update, Lots of Additions

(Updated February 4, 2020) Most importantly, for those of you who have experienced problems with the previous version of the map: The new, version should eliminate those problems.

A lot has changed to the map. The new update is a significant one. Here are some of the additions:

  • The map now has further support for the Animal Pen Extension mod, 18 snow missions with Seasons 19, and a new PDA map.
  • Other new features are mud, TMR and pig food mixers, and compost as a new material.
This is the pig food mixer, made especially for the Eiersholt map.


And, for AutoDrive mod users, there are now a lot of AD routes available for the map. Click here to get them.


Not only has the map been updated with new features. Some old ones have changed, as well:

  • There’s an adjustment of the alfalfa dry swath textures, a couple of the main farm buildings have been leveled, and some areas are now easier accessible.
  • Collision masks are removed from most shrubs, while much of the foliage textures are optimized to look better with the shifting seasons (Seasons 19.)
  • The map has a new snowmask (Seasons 19,) better map boundaries textures, and slightly more relaxed moonlight.
The new version includes an updated snowmask.

Fixes, Too

And now, some of the stuff that’s fixed:

  • There is no longer a “Too many fruits” error. Manure won’t overflow the pig stable manure pit. And there’s now a water pipe at that same stable, which was missing in previous versions.
  • The double planted trees should be gone now. Several .png textures are now .dds. There are also fixes for some door triggers, which make them work with AutoDrive.
  • All map textures now being 2048×2048, together with the optimization of all gdm and grle files, should fix previous errors.

All of the above are just some of the many changes, fixes and additions. You can read the full changelog here. (Thanks to VonArens and Datalund for informing me about the new version.)

It’s one of the best-looking maps for FS19.

How to Download

The Eiersholt map is hosted at Google. The button below opens the main folder where you find all the versions of the map so far. You’ll also find lots of extra material, like a sheet with a detailed overview of all the fields and their sizes and changelogs for each version.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. Hey.
    I am experiencing a problem with the painted surface. (Landscaping)
    I am one of those who made my own farm in a field, and in the previous version of the map I painted what looks like asphalt on the whole farm, and the machines run on top of the asphalt as they should.

    but after the update to all the machines sink through the painted asphalt.
    I have tried removing all mods from the game and it did not solve the problem.

    • That happens because of the added mud. For that you should deactivate it in the modDesc. Or just use one of the “building areas”.

  2. Question to Datalund:In the square in front of the store too much dirt and invisible pits , which is very unrealistic, can you fix it? And is there an opportunity to increase the number of car traffic on the roads? The map is large and empty roads are not entirely beautiful.

    • The dirt and invisble pits is because of the added mud. To avoid it, you can disable the dynamic mud in the ModDesc, but that will disable the mud on all the map. Other than that, there is no “fix” for it.
      The traffic is set to a minimum to keep the map running smooth on older computers as well

  3. Am I wrong or is there no grass on the map anymore except for some grass fields? There are just textures everywhere. Feels a bit naked.

    • If you are playing with Seasons, the grass will grow back during spring. It’s a feature of Seasons and not a change of the map 😉

      • I know how it should generally look with seasons. However, there is no grass at all. Just textures but no blades of grass. I can paint over it and then I have the grass as I know it. Thanks for your answer!

      • Hey there! What I mean is that there are no blades of grass. Just the textures. If I paint over it with the ingame tools it looks like it should. Thanks for your answer!

    • That is right 🙂 Version is up and ready for download. The bugs from has been fixed and some new stuff has been added 😉 Hope you all have a lot of fun with this version of Eiersholt

      • Hi, I am having an issue where, once I sell the starting fleet of vehicles, purchase a new tractor, I can’t tab to the vehicle. If I spawn to the shop, I am floating in the air.
        Tabbing and spawning works fine with the starting fleet.
        At the moment I am trying to work out if there is a mod conflict. I haven’t had any issues with other maps though.
        Otherwise, I have been really enjoying this map. Keep up the great work.

        • Hi Jonathan

          Would you mind trying without any other mods in your modfolder. I haven’t had any issues tabbing in to vehicles at all, and no one has mentioned it during testing. I am leaning towards it being a mod conflict.


          • Hi Datalund,
            After removing most of my mods and then slowly bringing them back, I think I found the mod that conflicts. Even though there doesn’t appear to be anything in the log.
            The Ferry mod that comes with the Ballydorn map seems to be the offender. I’m not a 100% sure if it is the only mod that has a conflict though. I’ve tested for a few hours now.
            Hope this is helpful.

            I’ll keep trying to play the map tomorrow and will let you know if I find anything else.

          • Hi Datalund,
            This morning I moved all my mods back minus the Ballydorn Ferry mod.
            I can now play your lovely map again. 🙂

  4. salut, peux tu nous donner une date de sortie de ta prochaine mise a jour car nous sommes impatients. nous sommes en multi sur un serveur. Par avance merci de ta réponse MF

  5. I downloaded version but when i try to load the game with seasons i get the message “map can’t load seasons to many fruits on the ground”. Anyone have the same problem or know a soulution to this?

        • Must be an error of some kind then, since I do have prices listed for the places I mentioned. I am however also playing on the version that Datalund removed due to a lot of ppl have serious issues with it, and I havent played on previous versions so dont have an backlog of experience with the map versions.

    • They should be fairly close to having a release version ready, the issues with the errors has been difficult to troubleshoot since some ppl had some errors while others had others etc etc.

      Most of my errors seem to relate back to Courseplay and how it interacts with the map, lots of lua related issues that eventually bork up the entire game.

      • Sounds great that they’re getting closer:) just started to play so kinda sucked that it kept crashing. Got a sweet new spot to build my new farm. Planing it in my head as i wait 🙂

  6. Anybody having problems with this mod as multiplayer/server map?
    We have tried with and without any mods on the server…
    It gets stuck in “Synchronizing data with other players…”

    And it just stands there… Does not freeze the game, just the load proces…
    I can cancel it, no problems… Works with load in, with single player…

  7. Hi guys have just downloaded your map ,on loading map I got a message saying map can’t load seasons to many fruits on the ground can you help thanks

    • Additionally, how do the crops work with the crop rotations? are there any issues with them or did seasons plan for it?

      • First question. The map has its own seasons xml file, where the new crops properties are listed. Even if the xml of your GEO is set to overwrite, crops added by these maps will remain untouched (unless your GEO has these crops, in that case your GEO xml file will set crops behavior)
        Second question. Each crop belongs to a widder category. I belive Eiersholt new crops are all cereals. These categories are what uses Seasons to calculate crop rotation ratios.

  8. Seems to be a problem after update. 2019-12-25 22:35 Error: Can’t load resource ‘C:/Users/Ole Morten/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_Eiersholt/fillPlanes/huds/hud_fill_dryLucerne_windrow.png’.

  9. Sadly we are experiencing issues with the latest update (version The issues are crashing on startup, crashing when browsing the ingame menu, crashing on exit.
    There are also reports of various shader and graphic errors in the latest version.
    Because of this, the map has been removed for downloads until we have a fix for these issues!
    A fix is on the way though. We are pretty sure we have located the problem, and testing is going on right now.

    I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I will post on here again when the map is ready for download again


  10. This map has a problem right now with seasons. Game crashes at startup with just seasons installed.
    Without Seasons map will load ok. I hope Datalund can fix the problem.

  11. Hello. After installing map have problems whit the game. Game crashes when save and press Exit. also crashing when trying to browse true map like check grow and soil. Is there mods not recommended for this map ?

  12. Large building with a black roof on the main farm. What is wrong with the roof? She seems to be unfinished. And also the textures on the roof of the stable. Also black.

  13. Seems that the map doesnt work with the latest update for Seasons, keep getting an error that Seasons couldnt be loaded due to ‘too many fruits on the ground’ or something along those lines.

  14. Finally!!
    I have looked so much for loess hill country in fs19, it was my favourite map for fs17 and I finally found it! 😀

  15. Are there any additional mods required in order to run this map or is it “plug and play”?
    Thanks in advance.

    As for the map, can’t wait to play it. Datalund has done a tremendous job, building it! The possibilities truly are endless with this game (except now I need more $$$ for a new PC – grrrrr)….

    As a new FS19 player, a big thank you to Giants and great respect to all the modding community. You guys rock!

    • The map is “plug and play” 🙂 All you need to do, is download it and place it in your modfolder. Hope you have fun playing it, and thank you for the very kind words 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting, Dr. Drulia (I’ve seen several of your streams on Facebook. They are relly good 🙂 ) Are you thinking about the static cows? If so, you could talk directly to the map maker here.

  16. I have tried many mod maps, and admittedly Eiersholt ticks all possible boxes for me. It’s got everything. Small fields. Large fields. Simple fields. Fields with islands in. Short hauling routes. Long hauling routes. Forestry. Dedicated meadows from day 1. Whatever I feel like playing I can find it here.
    Oh, and it does one thing well – while most 4x maps feel empty-ish, with huge open spaces and generous field “borders”, Eiersholt feels very built up in a natural way.
    I can’t praise this map enough.

  17. Fantastic Map. A European map I can really get behind. Extremely well detailed. I’ve been so busy doing contracts that in 40 hrs game play I haven’t gotten any animals yet!

  18. Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/Lalo/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/zzz_courseplay/img/fieldScanInfo.png raw format.
    2019-09-26 11:45 C:/Users/Lalo/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/zzz_courseplay/img/debug/Sphere.i3d (0.19 ms)
    2019-09-26 11:45 C:/Users/Lalo/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/zzz_courseplay/img/debug/Line.i3d (0.22 ms)
    2019-09-26 11:45 Error: Invalid terrain detail with id 0…(edited for space.)

  19. I do not seem to be able to download this map.

    it takes me to a google drive page, shows me the files! however everything is greyed out and informs me I am offline, I don’t seem to be able to select or download the files. is there something I am doing wrong.

    Do you have advise?

    Ps great site really enjoy reading and downloading some suggested mods excellent work 🙂

  20. hey erik so i started playing this map and i bought sheep for the sheep pen as well as fed them and gave them water but every day i advance (in seasons) it says an animal has died. it also says the animal pen cleanliness is at 0 percent but its not dirty at all. would you know if this is a map bug or a seasons bug with the map? my sheep are dropping like flies in a freezer lol. other then that this is a beautiful map great review as well!👌👌

    • Thank you Jaydin 🙂 And sorry that you’re having problems with the sheep. Not good at all to have them dropping like that :O

      I can’t give you a good answer unfortunately. But I can point you to Datalund’s page on FS-Nation.com. He’s very responsive to questions. Just note that you have to register first, then contact him.

      I wish you and your sheep all the best 🙂

  21. Nice review. I have been playing this map since it was released. I found it because i have followed Datalund since his courseplay tutorials.
    The map is great, i have enjoyed the visuals and large fields.
    He has done a great job making this map seem alive!

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