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Oct 18 2019 - 07:47

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FS 19 modmap presentation: The amazing Kvisslingby by Daniel.

This is beautiful Sweden. Welcome to the visually stunning Kvisslingby mod map. An earlier version of this map used to be called Field Mountain. Now it's rebranded with a lot of significant changes.

TheKvisslingby map uses many of the buildings BernieSCS made for the US FarmBuildings pack. And they work really well in this Swedish landscape. Everyone,who has seen a real-world Swedish farm, knows that red is a standard color formany of the farm buildings.

Stunning Visuals

The visualson this map are amazing. It really looks like Sweden! The map has several extensiveforests. That's true to reality. Sweden is famous for its forestry. The mapoffers plenty of work for logging enthusiasts.

Many of thefields are meadows. If you want to grow anything other than grass on them, youhave to knuckle down and get yourself a plow. The map also has several areas idealfor creating new fields as long as you're willing to do all the work.

Note thatboth the BGA and the selling point for woodchips only are open between 7 to 17 (7am to 5 pm.)

Darker Nights

When youstart a new game, all the animal pens are populated. But you can't reach theanimals until you've purchased the land where the pens are situated.

Most fieldsare shaped like in the real world. 10 of them have missions.

The naturallight, the weather, together with the day and night cycles, have beencustomized to give the map a Nordic feel. There's a modified pickup truck, withextra powerful headlights, to help you get through the darker nights.

Prepared for Seasons 19

The Kvisslingby map is, of course, prepared for Seasons 19. You can, for example, buy placeable snowplow markers in the shop. They'll help you locate the roads after heavy snowfalls. The problem with them is that they fall over pretty easy when you drive too close to them...

(Updated December 12, 2019) Not any more... The markers haw been fixed. The stand strong against most forces...

FS 19 Kvisslingby

I think theKvisslingby map is fantastic. It looks so darn good. The good looks come with acost, though. The map is demanding, even for the better-equipped gamingcomputers. More about the map:

Version - MoreAngles

(UpdatedOctober 22, 2019) TheKvisslingby map has been updated. The most visible change is that an issue withthe multi-terrain angles has been fixed. It now looks like it should.

A couple ofother fixes have been applied too, like grounding some floating objects. (Seethe comment below from Daniel for more info.)

Version – UpdatedTextures, Speedy Valtra

(UpdatedDecember 12, 2019) Danielhas just brought us a massive update of the Kvisslingby map, with several fixesand additions. Here are some highlights:

Inside theshop, there’s now a much faster Valtra T-Series tractor under the “Kvisslingby”brand. And the map has a new, open-air cow pen.

Moveable Rocks

You’ll findrocks that you can move with a front loader in two locations:

Want tomove more rocks? You can buy them inside the shop as placeables. They are reasonablypriced…

Where to Download

The Kvisslingby map can be downloaded from Daniel's Google account. The blue button below opens the download page.

Go to DownloadWe always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

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