Valley Crest Farm (4X) Mod Map

Are you ready to download the Valley Crest Farm mod map for Farming Simulator 19? (You’ll find the download link below.)

The main farm.

This is a sizeable FS19 mod map, based on the FS17 Gold Crest Valley map, made by Giants Software. A lot of stuff has been modified. Most noteworthy is the size. Because this is a 4X map.

FS19 Valley Crest Farm

Here is the most of what you should know about this FS19 mod:

  • Map Name: Valley Crest Farm.
  • Modder: Dammemax.
  • Map size: Large (4×4 km.)
  • Number of fields: 57.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 60.
  • Selling points: 14.
A familiar view for most FS17 players.

Error Warning

This mod has errors. It won’t break your game. But it will most likely affect the game’s performance one way or another.

Unfortunately, this map has some errors, like selling points that don’t work and errors in the field definitions (thanks to Jacer for pointing that out.)

Also, we have yet to discover where to sell bales, grass and hay.

Most errors can be solved by using mods, but it’s a bit annoying that a map this good has errors that are so easy to fix…


(Update June 23, 2019) The map has been updated to fix the problems players have had since the 1.4 patch from Giants.

The bug with the cranes has also been sorted out.

How to Download

The modder uses Modhoster to host the map. So, when you press the blue button under, you’ll be taken to the official download page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. hi,

    same here. would be great if the modder would check it.
    until then i’ll use a placeable sell point since i can’t store my straw forever and it’s still money i might get 😉



    • Erik – Do you have contact with this map author? Do you know if he is following up on the non-functional sellpoints and the grass issues?

  2. ^ to elaborate. The input trigger should be on the outside of Hayloft at the vacuum/Hoover device. There are ground marking warning stripes, but again, in F5 I did not see any trigger.

    Also, I leased the basic in-game mower and tried to mow the grass around owned fields. Nothing happened. Ideas???

  3. I cannot find the trigger to put straw into the Hayloft. I used F5 mode and did not see the outline for the trigger anywhere near. Has anyone else had that problem?

    • I was about to try and use this map, and wow is it struggling. Glad to see it’s not my PC (I wouldn’t ever think this game could bring an OC’d 4th gen i7 and RTX card to its knees)

  4. hi,

    unfortunately that’s just repair and customize. i’d like to sell my seeder. yes i can do it via “p”but i would like to keep the 20% 🙂

    not sure if there is another selling point for it on the map.



    • Ah, I see. Sorry, but I haven’t been everywhere on this map yet. And now it seems to be struggling with the 1.4 patch, because it’s barely playable (5-10 FPS everywhere…)

      • hi,

        well maybe the modder how made the map will add it if somebody is telling him/her.
        the map itself looks stunning and i like it.

        yeah i’ll wait some time before i try it again (maybe a newer version then)
        patch 1.4… some mods need updates but i think that’s normal.

        thanks for your help



          • i meant of course “the modder who made the map…” 😉 sometimes my fingers are after than my brain.

            well i found the sellpoint and it’s not even close to the shop.
            besides that i get low fps as well so i won’t continue playing until somebody figured out why the fps are low now.



  5. hi,

    where is the sellpoint for the equipment? all i can find is the shop to buy stuff not sell.

    maybe i’m getting blind?

    cheers and thanks


    • Hi Biggo – Yeah, it’s kinda hard to find. It’s inside the red barn east of the residential house. There’s a white building between the residential building and the barn 🙂

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