Mack Pinnacle Truck 1.0

By Yesmods

Aug 01 2019 - 17:43

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It'stime we tell you where you can download the Mack Pinnacle truck for FarmingSimulator 19. (Lookfor the download link under.)

I've beensearching for a good Mack truck since I started playing FS 2013 many years ago.Sure, there have been some of them out there. But most have been at the lowerend of the quality scale. Until now. Here's the best Farm Sim, Mack truckever.

The basefor this 5nine creation is a model from Hum3D. But instead of justslapping some colors on it and ignoring stuff like the interior, 5nine has donea fantastic job getting the truck ready for Farming Simulator 19.

An Abundance of Options

This FS19version of the Mack truck has so many customization options. There are 3different exhaust pipe options, 4 different racks to pick from. The rearfenders choices offer several possibilities. This mod is also one of very fewthat lets you pick tinted or standard glass for the cab windows.

Colors, Colors, and Colors

Then, thereare the color options. Tons of them, ranging from standard FS19 colors tocustom chrome, matte, old, and satin alternatives for several of them. Cool!

On topof this - If you ever need to put the truck on a trailer, it's good to know itsstrap-able...

Some mightmiss more engine and wheel setups. But really, there is so much stuff else toconfigure that you'll soon forget about it.

FS19 Mack Pinnacle Truck

Here aresome of the most important thing to know about the FS19 Mack truck:


If you want to show your appreciation for the marvelous mods of 5nine, why don’t you buy him a coffee? Or even more? Here’s the donation link: PayPal.Me/modsby5nine.

Download Here

You can download the Mack to your mods folder by clicking on the blue button below.

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