Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281 Trailer / Manure Spreader

This Fliegl Trailer Doubles as a Manure Spreader

Here you have the Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281 trailer for Farming Simulator 19. This FS19 mod is also a manure spreader. It’s up to you to choose what function the trailer will have.

The mod is made by Speedy77. The trailer is a rebuild of the Brantner TA 23071, that Giants released some time ago. But Speedy77 has not just slapped a new logo on the trailer.

Here are some of the work that’s been done:

  • Wheels from Michelin and Mitas have been added.
  • Several color choices have been added too.
  • Both the price and capacity have been altered.
  • The trailer has gotten mudguards with reflections.
  • And the connection hoses have been extended.

Here are some facts about the Fliegl ALU-TEC ASW281:

  • Base price: 62,900
  • Capacity: 38,000 Liters
  • Optional wheel configurations, colors, and designs are available.

If you choose to use the trailer as a manure spreader (you can choose to do so in the shop), the capacity is reduced to 29,000 liters. The work speed for the manure spreader is 12 mph or 20 kph.

Go to Download – 18.6MB

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