Fliegl Overload Station

By Yesmods

Feb 20 2019 - 19:58

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This is the Fliegl Overload Station Farming Simulator 19 mod. No, this is not science fiction. It’s based on the actual Fliegl real-life Overhead Loading Station that has become popular in many parts of Europe.

Theconstruction is both simple and ingenious. The main parts are an unloading trayand a conveyor. And this is how you use it,once it’s unfolded: You just have to empty your trailer onto the unloadingtray. From there, the conveyor transports the crops, or whatever you unload,into a trailer.

When you are finished, you just fold theoverload station for easy transportation. Easy, right? Just remember that the overload mechanism doesn’t work if the stationisn’t attached to a tractor with the engine running.

It was thegreat modder Farmer_Andy that madethis mod for Farming Simulator 15. And now, Zetor6245 has converted it forFS19. This is what he has done besides the actual conversion:

It’s really not an auger wagon. Still, you’ll find it in the in-game auger wagon category once you put it in your mod folder.

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