Miller Nitro 5250 & New Holland SP.400F Sprayers

Two Beautiful FS19 Sprayers in One Pack – And There’s a Good Reason For it

Here you have two sprayers in one for Farming Simulator 19: The Miller Nitro 5250 and the New Holland SP.400F as FS19 mods. (They show up as the New Holland sprayer in the FS shop.)

The real-life versions of the SP.400F and the Nitro are basically the same. The reason? Case New Holland (CNH) bought the Miller company in 2014.

Here are some essential facts:

  • Base price: 259,000.
  • Power: 400 HP.
  • Work width: 36 meters.
  • Work speed: 15 mph / 25 khp
  • Road speed: 31 mph / 50 kph
  • Tank volume: 6,057 liters.
  • The tank holds both liquid fertilizer and herbicide.
  • Modder: Rand0msparks.
Change the color and logo in the 3D shop.

To switch from New Holland to Miller, you just have to change the colors and the logo. This can be done in the 3D shop.

Go to Download – 16.9MB

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