Krone BiG M 500 Self Propelled Mower

When You Have a Lot of Grassland That Needs to Be Mowed Fast

This is the Krone BiG M 500 self-propelled mower for Farming Simulator 19. It’s a conversion of a conversion (this model first appeared in Farming Simulator 2013…) It has since gotten an upgrade by the GTX Mods team (now part of LS Modcompany.)

It’s still a nice mod. It works as expected, although the textures really deserve an upgrade…

Here are some quick tidbits:

  • Mod: Krone BiG M 500 self-propelled mower.
  • Price: 180,000.
  • Work width: 13.5 meters.
  • Work speed: 25 kph / 15 mph.
  • Road speed: 45 kph / 27 mph.
  • Credits: Giants Software, GTXM Mods – FS19 conversion by Winston9587.

And if you wonder… The FS19 BiG M 450 has a working width of 9.9 meters. Or 3.6 meters less than this mod.

Go to Download – 41.7MB

This is not the modder’s original link. We have tried to locate it without luck. If you know the original link, please contact us. Until further notice, the file has been placed on a Non-Pay-Per-Download server.

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