Buyable Egg Pallets (With Autoload)

No Need to Collect Small Egg Boxes Anymore

Here are two buyable egg pallets with autoload for Farming Simulator 19. There are two pallets in this FS 19 mod: One single-use pallet, and one reusable one. And best of all? Both pallets can collect eggs on autopilot.

When you buy these pallets in the shop, you can choose to put a sign on them or not. And you have several container sizes to choose from:

  • 2400 liters (single use pallet price: 25 – reusable pallet price:  100)
  • 4800 liters (single use pallet price: 50 – reusable pallet price:  250)
  • 7200 liters (single use pallet price: 75 – reusable pallet price:  300)
  • 9600 liters (single use pallet price: 100 – reusable pallet price:  325)

You can fill the pallets by hand, e.g., pick up an egg box and carry it over the pallet container. Or you can have the pallets auto-collect the eggs.

To do the latter, you need to place the pallet within the egg box spawning markers. You know, where the egg boxes pop up.

When you sell the eggs, one of two things will happen:

  1. If you are using the single-use pallet, the pallet will disappear together with the egg boxes.
  2. When selling eggs using the reusable pallet, the container empties and the pallet can be picked up again after all eggs are sold.

It’s a small but brilliant mod. We especially like how the filling and emptying of the container is animated.

(Updated November 7, 2019) The download link has been removed because of accusation of mod theft.


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  1. How about you take the link completely down and stop spreading and encouraging people to steal other mod’s and post them other places for their gain. Pay or No Pay. It is wrong either way and you guys promote this behavior.

    • Thank you for voicing your opinion. No, I do not encourage this behavior. I have removed the link completely, as requested.

      Now, could you please tell me who is the original author of the script? (The models are obvious the property of Giants.)

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