The Old Farm Countryside (Seasons 19 Ready)

Here we’ll show you where you can download The Old Farm Countryside mod map for Farming Simulator 19. (Look further down for the download link.)

I’m sorry we haven’t written about this map earlier. Because it’s a darn good map. And it just received “Seasons 19 Ready” status which allows us to write about it fresh.

There have been several updates to the map during the last several months. Now, it’s a well-optimized, great looking gem for everyone looking for a standard-sized map with small to medium-sized fields, and an excellent landscape.

On top of it all, if Seasons 19 is a must, the map has been prepared for that mod.

A Varied Map

It’s cool that the mapper has mixed square fields with more naturally shaped ones. Many of the fields welcome AI workers. Some you’ll be better off handling on your own.

The landscape is varied and offers lots of treats for the eye. And when your fields and animals don’t need your attention, there are 3 forest areas where you can do a lot of logging.

Here’s an overview of your farmyard.

Many areas looks stunning.

Multi-Terrain Angle

The Old Farm Countryside has multi-terrain angle included. It lets traces from plowing, cultivating, and seeding look more natural. But it can also create micro stutter on some computers, just so you’re warned.

AI traffic? Yes. And several places to collect free water for your animals. But no train…

FS19 The Old Farm Countryside

Here are the most important facts about this Farming Simulator 19 mod map:

  • Map Name: The Old Farm Countryside.
  • Mapper: ShabaFS.
  • Map size: Standard (2×2 km.)
  • Number of fields: 59.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 58.
  • Selling points: 19.
  • Prepared for Seasons 19? Yes.
  • Errors? Nothing noticeable.

Version – More Crops

(Updated September 11, 2019) Several changes and fixes have been applied to the map since the last time I wrote about it. If you’re playing with Seasons 19, you’ll be happy to learn that the snow no longer stacks up inside buildings and sheds. Some collisions and triggers have been fixed too, like the milk trigger.

Here are a couple of other changes:

  • 3 new crop types have been added: Rye, sorghum and millet.
  • It’s now possible to enter the chicken coop with the Manitou MC18 (or similar) making it easy to collect the egg pallets.

If you want to remove buildings from the main farm, please use Giants Editor (register first, then download), as many of them are unsellable.

Version – Rice, Hops

(Updated October 14, 2019) The newest version of the Old Farm Countryside map includes two new crops. Rise and hops are in. There have also been some updates for some of the foliage textures and view distances.

According to Shaba FS (the map maker), this is most likely the final update of the map.

Hops is a new crop. Changelog – New Crops, More Fixes

(Updated November 29, 2019) It turns out the previous version wasn’t the last one after all. Here’s another update of the Old Farm Countryside map. The most important update is perhaps the addition of new crops: Spelt and triticale.

A triticale field…

The map has undergone a lot of fixes and tweaks, as well. Here are some highlights:

  • Errors and bugs, related to growing hops and the eastern BGA, are fixed, while the height of the milk sale trigger at the west harbor is adjusted.
  • Opening hours for the machinery store have changed, and you can now store all types of crops in the main farm silo.
  • The farmland near the pigsty has been modified. It’s cheaper now.

Version – Pedestrians

(Updated March 26, 2020) The latest version of the map includes both changes and additions. Here’s what Shaba FS has done:

  • Removed excess files.
  • Reworked the building textures to use fewer slots on consoles.
  • There are now pedestrians in the town.
Not so lonely anymore.

Modhub Download

The Old Farm Countryside is now an official Modhub mod map. You can get it from inside the game Modhub, or by visiting the official download page online. The blue button opens that page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. For those on PC who want to play some multifruit maps with the latest Seasons release, you’ll get the error “Seasons was unable to load on the selected map: the map is not compatible with Seasons. (too many fruits on the ground)”.
    If you’re on PC, you can unzip and edit the file src/Seasons.lua, changing the line:

    if self.densityMapHeightManager.numHeightTypes + 3 >= (2 ^ self.mission.terrainDetailHeightTypeNumChannels) – 1 then


    if self.densityMapHeightManager.numHeightTypes + 3 > (2 ^ self.mission.terrainDetailHeightTypeNumChannels) – 1 then

    (removing the = sign), then zip everything back up and overwrite the original Seasons zip, and the maps will load again.

    This patch is in the Seasons dev code, and I can only assume it will be in the next release, but if you’re impatient and want to play these maps with the latest Seasons features now, it’s just one small edit away.

  2. The current state of the map with Seasons is that the map author has included too many crop types and Seasons cannot recognize them all. This gives you the unplayable error of “Too many crops on the ground”.
    It is very doubtful that Seasons will increase its crop counter, now that it has been released for console, so the maps author will need to reduce the custom crops again.

  3. Unfortunatly, can’T get the last version to work with the last Season Build.

    Got some error and map failed to load. I can load any other map. I already reported bugs to Realismus + Shaba (map creator)

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