Giants Software is Opening an Office in Chicago, USA

Phew, a lot of action today! First, the news about the Bourgault and the 9RX DLC. And now, the announcement that Giants Software is opening another office.

(The company already has three, one in Switzerland, one in Germany, and one in the Czech Republic.)

Chicago, Baby!

Some American Farm Sim players, not happy about the amount of North American equipment in the game or the base game maps, are stating things like “they’ve never been to the states, even!”

Well first, that statement isn’t true. Secondly, Giants is now coming to the states to stay. Today, the company announced that it’s setting up shop in Chicago, literally on the doorstep to great farming states like Missouri, Iowa, and Ohio.

More Overseas Players

More and more players are enjoying maps and machinery like what you see in the picture.

The number of Farm Sim players is growing in countries like the USA and Canada. Also, in South America, a lot of gamers are opening their eyes to digital cultivating and husbandry. The main reason for Giants to make a move into the American markets is to strengthen the relationship with players and modders “over there.”

Christian Ammann, CEO of Giants Software, said this in a press release, published today:

The regions around Chicago are a big farming hub… and we look forward to… be present at local videogames and farming events as well as community and support activities in American time zones.

Three Job Openings

Giants Software’s Chicago office has three job openings at the moment. Here they are:

  • Community Coordinator – America gets its “O5-Chris!”
  • Customer Support Representative – American players no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to get help from the EU helpdesk.
  • Event Manager – Yes, the Farming Simulator League is expanding to the States! Start building your teams, folks.

Giants’ American move comes in a time when I hear talk about how the American player base is about to outnumber the number of European players. And it might also indicate a further venture into American farming with regards to both machinery and Farming Simulator maps.

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