Parts of the main farm at the Felsbrunn edit by MC map, with the Seasons 19 logo in front

Felsbrunn Edit by MC Multifruit Trigger Update

One of the best FS19 Mod Edits of Felsbrunn

This is one of the best mod edits of the FS19 vanilla Felsbrunn map. Do you still enjoy Felsbrunn? But feel you could use another take on it? Then you should try this version made by MC / Jürgen.

Yes, you’ll recognize many of the things Giants put in the map originally. But MC has made many significant changes in his mod map, making it playable for many hours to come.

Several Changes

This FS19 Mod map has been revised several time. For the better. Here are some of the newly added changes:

  • The map includes the four buyable sheds from Vertex Dezign.
  • Buyable storage buildings for hay, grass, straw, and woodchips.
  • It’s now possible to produce fuel.
  • The old sawmill has been replaced with a new one.
  • The map has also gotten a new sugar factory.
  • Original modder: MC / Jürgen.

There are tons of additional changes in addition to the ones I mention above. The best thing you can do is to download the map and try it for yourself. Oh, and if you already have a gamesave with an older version of this map edit, there should be no need to create a new game. Just replace the old file.

Version 1.3. is Ready

These are some of the more significant changes:

  • The crop types are no longer displayed twice in the menu.
  • The roller doors are working now.
  • More decorations have been added to the map.
  • And minor bug fixes.

It’s unclear if you need to start a new game in order to make use of the new changes.

Get Version 1.4 now

(Update March 25, 2019) The Felsbrunn edit has gotten another update. This time it’s mainly about new crops:

  • Carrots, onions, hops and rye (using exclusive foliage textures) have been added.
  • More animated lights and deco have been built in.
  • There have also been some minor fixes.
  • It’s again possible to sell the farm buildings.
  • And the grass in Landscaping mode has been fixed. It’s growing again…

Version 2.0 is Here

The version 2.0 PDA map.

The Felsbrunn edit by MC has gotten a total makeover. The changes are so many that you’ll need to start a new game. And it requires the FS19 1.3 patch. Here are some of the things that have changed:

  • The map has been extended. Many new buildings are installed. And there are 6 new fields.
  • Many of the buildings now have lights that can be switched on or off.
  • There are also some new crops: millet, spelt, triticale, and sorghum.
  • Several bugs have been fixed. And things like textures, splines and folder hierarchy have been optimized.

In other words: One of the best Felsbrunn edits just became even better.

One of many new buildings.

Version 2.1 Multifruit

(Update June 2019) The Felsbrunn edit by MC keeps growing. And it’s getting better for each new version. Here are some of the stuff that has happened since the previous update:

  • Some of the visual errors, like plants floating in the air, have been fixed.
  • The train locomotive has changed to a diesel version. This means that the railway powerlines have been removed.
  • There’s now a working lifting crane at the sawmill and another crane at the railway silo to the west.
  • And there are new fruits too, like white cabbage, red cabbage, and salad.

Other than that? Clip distances have been optimized, and the unloading ramps at the fuel refinery have been lowered.

Version 2.1 Multifruit Update

(Update June 24, 2019) There’s another update of the map available. Here are some of the many changes made to this massively edited version of the vanilla Felsbrunn map:

The sliding doors you’ll find around the map now have collisions. No more driving through closed doors… Some minor bugs have been fixed, like the double carrot entry in the modDesc. And the double lights at the sawmill have been removed.

Other stuff:

  • More lights have been installed at the whiskey distillery, the train station, and the sawmill.
  • The storage capacities of many of the silos and storage buildings have been increased to 500,000 liters. That goes for the main farm silo too.
  • Finally, the map has no trouble matching the 1.4 patch from Giants.

Here’s Version 2.2 Multifruit

(Update July 20, 2019) This stunning edit of the Felsbrunn map keeps getting new features. Scrap ‘edit’! Rebuild is more correct…

Anyhoo… Here are the changes for the 2.2 version of the map:

  • Strawberries and poppy plants are new crops to grow and harvest.
  • Some of the road signs have had their collisions removed, by request from some users, tired of driving into them…

Version 3.0 – GlobalCompany and Seasons 19

(Updated October 5, 2019) A new version of the Felsbrunn Edit by MC map has just been uploaded. The update includes two major add-ons:

  1. The map is now ready for Seasons 19.
  2. It also includes support for the GlobalCompany (GC) script.

Several of the GC objects are already installed on the map, such as:

A fermenting silo

The fermenting silo at the main farm in the Felsbrunn edit by MC map

Diesel production facility

A diesel production facility

And many, different greenhouses

A collection of greenhouse with water tanks in front

My only, tiny objection, is that many of the GlobalCompany plants miss English translations for many of the ingredients and end products.

Tons of changes

Seasons and GlobalCompany are not the only updates. A lot of the map has gotten small and large add-ons, ranging from small signs to large buildings. Here are a couple of examples:

There are several new storage solutions.

Storage clamps for manure and compost with conveyors installed

Other, significant changes:

  • Animal pens now work the Animal Pen Extended mod.
  • One potato washer has been installed.
  • Clip distances have been adjusted – The map performs better.
  • Some of the fields have been adjusted to make space for new buildings.

And compost production is now part of the map. You can make compost from straw and manure. Then, you can use compost to fertilize your fields, for example.

A close up of the composter with a diesel generator in front of it

Version 3.0 MultifruitUpdate – Clean Up

(Updated October 14, 2019) Another update is ready to be downloaded. This update corrects a lot of smaller bugs, like triggers, wording, and textures. One of the fixes includes the English language for all GlobalCompany production objects.

And the evergreen trees have been removed as requested by several users.

Now with English words for the GlobalCompany objects.

Typo Problem

There’s just one problem with the latest 3.0 MultifruitUpdate version. Due to a typo (“ture” instead of “true”), some of the fillTypes are not shown in the price list.

MC has made a fix available. You can download the corrected fillTypes.xml file from here.

This is how you replace the old file if you’re using the 3.0 MultifruitUpdate version:

  1. Unzip the map file (make a backup copy of it first.)
  2. Delete the old map zip file.
  3. Copy the new version of the fillTypes.xml to the FS19_Felsbrunn_Edit_By_MC/maps folder.
  4. Let the new file overwrite the old version.
  5. If you want to re-zip the map file, remember to use the correct map name “FS19_Felsbrunn_Edit_By_MC.”

(Updated October 28, 2019) The typos are gone. See under.

Version 3.0. MultifruitUpdate 2

(Updated October 28, 2019) Another update has reached the edited Felsbrunn map. Here are the changes:

  • The typo error in the fillTypes.xml has been corrected.
  • An unloading trigger at the bakery has been adjusted, making it easier to unload goods on pallets.
  • All triggers have been revised.

3.0 MultifruitTriggerUpdate – More Fixes

(Updated November 20, 2019) I’m happy that MC/Jürgen keeps on improving his Felsbrunn edit. Another update was published recently, with several fixes.

Anyone, who has used the Animal Pen Extension mod together with the map, has noticed that installing the valve could be more user-friendly… The new version fixes this.

  • Do the cuckoo drive you nuts? It has been told to quiet down a notch.
  • Corrections are in place for the triggers at the dairy and charcoal factories.
Much better…

Version 4.0 – More Fixes and Additions

(Updated December 23, 2019) There’s a new version of the heavily edited Felsbrunn map ready. This update is mainly about ironing out bugs. But there is new stuff, as well.

  • The production facilities are locked to farmlands now. You need to buy the land before you can start producing. And the factory menus only show up once you’ve purchased the property.
  • FillTypes.xml is fixed together with some object collisions. There’s also a fix for the bakery unloading trigger, making off-loading goods easier, plus a revision of all other triggers.
  • There are new storage solutions for pallets, empty pallets, seeds, lime, and fertilizer, herbicide, and liquid fertilizer.
  • Here are the new products for the version: Red and white cabbage salad, together with carrot juice.

Version – MultifruitTriggerUpdate

(Updated January 23, 2020) Another update of the map is ready. This version corrects all the triggers over at the greenhouses. There are other changes too:

  • There’s a new buyable and placeable multifruit silo available in the shop.
  • Adjustment for the triggers and terrain over at the beer production and the bakery.
  • The barrel trigger is improved over the rum and whiskey distillery.
The barrel trigger at the distillery works better in the updated version.

Where to Download

The modder keeps this mod over at Modhoster. Click the blue button to open the official mod page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


  1. Buenas. Fallo por mi parte. Resulta que si que fabrica palets y funcionan todas las fabricas. El truco está en que cuando se fabrican los productos, las fabricas no los sacan a la vista, si no que hay que entrar en el menú de cada instalación y forzar la salida como en los almacenes dinámicos. Al marcar un producto fabricado se activa un diálogo debajo del mismo para indicar cuanto queremos usar.

  2. Si. 4.0. Como ya digo lo he probado todo. La única manera de producir los palets vacíos y de madera, es comprándolos directamente en los nuevos almacenes por medio de GC. lo cual te cuesta una pasta. Por lo que he ido viendo y leyendo, este problema viene de lejos y sigue sin solución.

    • Ok. I know that LS Modcompany has sent a new version of the GlobalCompany script to Giants for testing. Maybe (only maybe) MC will update the map when the new GC is public and perhaps fix the error.

  3. Es muy frustrante que después de jugar un buen rato te des cuenta que no puedes fabricar palets y lo he probado todo.

  4. It is very frustrating and annoying when map author’s do not check that triggers and outputs actually work. The sawmill does not output the pallets needed by almost every other factory.

  5. Hello and thx for this wonderful mod !
    I just have a quesiton. I don’t understand, when i want to launche a production and when i fill all the entries, i have nothing on the map in out. for exemple, for the Saegewerk, i dont see any bretterpalette or leerpallet on the outs of the saegewerk.
    Is this normal ? can someone help me maybe ?

    thx a lot, i hope i’ll have an answer ! b

    • Hi Gildarak, and thanks for commenting 🙂 Some of the production objects might have to be started manually (I honestly don’t remember if this is the case with the Saegewerk, though.) When you open the GlobalCompany menu and the Saegewerk section… Does it says that it’s running?

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