Officine R&L 3-Point Forklift for Tractors

By Yesmods

Jan 14 2020 - 13:59

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FarmingSimulator 19 mod presentation: The Officine R&L 3-Point Forklift for tractorsby R-L Modding.

Sure, thismod is a work of fiction. But it’s based on real-life variants that can beattached to the rear of a tractor.

It’sperfect when you don’t have the money to buy an actual forklift, but still wantto keep your farmyard tidy.

My tips: Attach a counterweight to the frontof the tractor when using it. And it’s especially helpful to have a tractorable to switch driving directions, like the Valtras, if you spend most of the gameinside the cab…

Tractor Forklift In-GameFeatures

Colors – There’s a wide range of colors tochoose from, both for the forks, the spikes, and the rest of the body.

Theforklift has several control groups. Just press “G” on your keyboard totoggle between them (see the help menu on consoles for the toggle button.)

There’s onegroup for the lifting mechanism, one for the pallet forks, and one that letsyou control the bale spikes.

Anothertip: Be carefulwhen activating the different groups. Folding the forks/spikes share the sameinput bindings as lifting the load. If you pick the wrong group, the load mightcause an undesired rodeo effect to your tractor…

FS19 3-Point Forklift Mod Specs

I love this mod. Yes, there’s a similar addon available. But that one has just pallet forks. This one is even more useful with it’s loading options for both pallets and bales.

No errors,but I noticed that the bales tended to slide off the spikes, even when tiltingthe forklift forward.

How to Download

This mod is part of the official modhub. You can get it when the game is running. If you’re playing on PC or Mac, you can also download it from its page at Click the button to get there.

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