LWG Europe (Placeable) Sawmills & Pallets Storages

Here are the LWG Europe placeable sawmills and pallets storages for Farming Simulator 19. You’ll find the download guide below.

It’s a fun mod for everyone enjoying forestry. It’s based on the GlobalCompany (GC) scripts, and it turn logs into consumer products which you can sell. The mod includes two placeable sawmills (where the production happens), and two storage buildings for the finished products.

Just a word of warning: The sawmills are huuuge… You need a lot of flat ground to make them fit.

Two New Products

Thanks to the GlobalCompany script (needs to be in your mods folder and activated), the mod adds two new products to the game: Pallets of split wood and pallets of longwood. Both products are added to most of your map’s selling points automatically. And they pay really well.

To make it work, you’ll need logs and woodchips:

1. Add woodchips (fuel)

2. You also need to add some timber

3. After a while, the pallets start spawning

The sawmill with the main building made of concrete needs two in-game hours to finish producing one pallet. The wooden version requires only half the time – 1 hour per 1 finished pallet.

Woodchips are a byproduct of the production process. This can be used to cover the fuel needs of the sawmills (both use much less woodchips than what they produce.)

Here are a couple of overview shots of what goes where:

  1. Unload your logs here.
  2. Here’s where you add fuel (woodchips.)
  3. This is the split wood pallets spawn area.
  4. And here’s where the longwood pallets show up.
  5. Collect your byproduct (woodchips) here.

Need Supplies?

Cutting enough trees to feed the sawmills takes quite a while. You can “cheat” by buying both timber and woodchips directly from the GC menu (I’ve not tested how profitable this is though…)

Pallet Storages

You can, of course, sell the pallets immediately. Or you can store them in one of the included storage buildings. One is for split wood, the other one for longwood.

The storages work like other GC buildings. Just drop the pallets you want to store in front of the buildings. Then, when you need them again, make them spawn from the GC menu.

Autoload Trailers

I’ve checked whether some of the flatbed, Autoload trailers accepts the pallets from this mod, but no luck. Do you know of a trailer that lets Autoload work with these pallets? Let me know in the comments below.

The sawmills and the pallet storage buildings have pre-defined ground textures (asphalt.) You can’t change them using the landscaping tool, unfortunately.

FS19 Sawmills and Pallets Storages

Here are some of the most essential facts about this fascinating Farming Simulator 19 mod:

  • Original Mod Name: LWG Europa Sägewerke.
  • Credits: Giants Software, Mannie313.
  • Category: Placeables | LWG Europa Produktion und Lagerung.
  • Base price: The sawmills are 150,000 while the pallet storages are 25,000 each.

Dark Problems

I did not detect any errors while using the mod. But the lights scattered around both sawmills did not work fully when I tested them. It could have something to do with my game settings though… But if you too can’t get the lights to work correctly, know that you’re not the only one.

Where to Download

Eager to test the sawmills yourself? The blue button below helps you over to the mod’s official download page at FileHorst.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. Any body have an issue placing the mill. I’ve spent like 4 hours clearing a forest and have it perfectly flat and it just says “The deformation of the terrain failed”

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, MOhammed 🙂 I guess that Autoload trailers needs to be customized to accept these kind of pallets. I’m seeing more sawmills using them (the pallets.) Hopefully, that will inspire some modders to make trailers that works with them.

  2. There is a problem with sawmill if used with seasons. If you try to remove the mod later, your save might not load. So you first have to disable seasons, open up the savegame and save it once again without seasons.Then, remove the sawmill mod. Open up the savegame without seasons once again and save it. Now you can exit the game and next time load it with seasons once again. But yeah, that will reset the growth and everything else related to seasons mod, but at least you wont lose your savegame.

    • Thanks for Commenting, Brendon 🙂 Which one to choose? Hmm… You could test this one in a fresh gamesave, using a money cheat mod to get enough funds to add the ingredients through the GlobalCompany menu, and then find out which one you like the best. You could also use a Time Scale mod to speed up the production process while testing.

      The fuel (woodchips) consumption isn’t too bad. And once you get the production going, both sawmills are pretty self sufficient. But they still need to be refilled.

      That truck is a nice find. Hopefully the modder will fix the bugs.

      • To be honest Eric I think I’m going to use your one although I’m going to have trouble fitting it in lol it’s pretty big

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