The Beast Mobile Woodchipper 1.0

It’s time you download The Beast mobile woodchipper for Farming Simulator 19 (you’ll find the download link below.)

This beastly piece of machinery makes forestry fun again. It was first made for FS2015 by the brilliant FSM Team. Now it has been converted to FS19 by Adub Modding. It makes creating woodchips very easy.

1. Unfold the woodchipper.

2. Enter it to start the engine, then start the woodchipper.

Some Problems

It’s a nice conversion. But it didn’t work the first time we used it. So, we emptied our mods folder and tried again. This time The Beast worked. It could be another mod that was poorly scripted. Or it could be the Beast’s scripts not being totally optimized.

Anyhow… If you can’t get it to work, just get rid of other mods in the mods folder. Then, make sure The Beast works before adding your other mods one by one, to find the one that causes the conflict.

Oh, btw – The John Deere 953MH “Frankenstein” Mill Loader, on the official Modhub, is the perfect match for The Beast.

FS19 The Beast Woodchipper

Here are some essential facts about this great Farming Simulator 19 mod:

  • Brand: FSM Team.
  • Credits: The FSM Team, Adub Modding.
  • Category: Forestry Equipment.
  • Base price: 100,000.
  • Bunker capacity: 60,000 liters.
  • Required power: 200 hp.
  • Selectable colors: No.
  • Selectable wheels: No.

Where to Download

The modder keeps The Beast over at Sharemods. Click the blue button to open the official mod page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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