Steyr Multi Series Tractor 1.4.0

Here I’ll tell you how to download the Steyr Multi series tractors for Farming Simulator 19 (the download link is below.)

The Steyr Multi was part of the vanilla vehicle roster, both in FS17 and FS2015. Back in the 2015 version of the game, it was equipped with a forestry protection cage, which makes a welcome comeback in FS19, thanks to this mod.


This is what I call a hybrid mod. It’s a mix of old and new model objects. Parts of the cabin shows clear evidence of being older models with regards to texture. But stuff like the dashboard is up to date. It looks excellent.

There are some animated parts too, like the windscreen wiper. But none of the throttles, or other pedals, moves as some might expect.

IC Controls

The updated Steyr has IC (In-Cab) controls. You activate it by pressing the spacebar. When enabled, you can use IC to open the doors.

You can also add or remove the forestry cage, two sets of tire chains are included as buyable options in the shop, and you can put a chainsaw at the rear end of the tractor. No, the chainsaw doesn’t work. But it looks pretty cool.

FS19 Steyr Multi

Here are the most important facts about this FS19 mod:

  • Brand: Steyr.
  • Credits: Giants Software, TheBlackBeast, SFM-Modding, Domip.
  • Category: Small Tractors.
  • Base price: 82,000.
  • Engine configurations: 3 – 4095, 4115, and 4115 Compressor.
  • Power range: 99 hp, 120 hp, and 150 hp.
  • Top speed: 40 kph | 24 mph.
  • Selectable colors: Yes – Many.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes, including chains.
  • Wheel brands: Trelleborg.
  • Front loader attacher: Yes, Stoll, Hydrac Autolock, and Hauer XB.

How to Download

The modder uses Modhoster to host the Steyr mod. So, when you press the blue button under, you’ll be taken to the official download page.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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