Fliegl Timber Runner Wide Trailers (Autoload)

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Dec 20 2019 - 08:15

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FarmingSimulator 19 mod presentation: The Fliegl Timber Runner Wide trailers withAutoload, by Kenny456.

This mod addsthree different log trailers to your arsenal of timber transport machinery. Alltrailers have Autoload that makes loading and unloading each trailer awalk in the park. Here are the trailers:

One 12 Meter Trailer

This onewill cost you 26,000. Here’s what you can load it with, when using Autoload:

A 15 Meter Version

If you buythis Fliegl trailer, it will set you back 29,000. If you’re using Autoload,here are the preferred log lengths:

And the 20 Meter version

The longestFliegl log trailer costs 34,000. If you’re going to use it for autoloadingpurposes, here are the optimal log lengths:

Protip: To avoid frustrating moments, evenwith autoload, it’s best to load logs that are a bit shorter than the maximumlengths for each pile configuration.

Note: The 15-meter trailer and the 20-metertrailer has moveable stanchions. When you want to create three or four piles,you can activate them to secure the load.

How to Use the Trailers

Kenny456’s Autoload trailers are brilliant. All of them offer many features that will make FS19 forestry much easier. Here are some examples:

You can autoload to morethan 1 pile

Pressing Enter on your Numpad change how many piles each trailer shall have. During the autoload process, you set which pile you want to load to by pressing . (Period) on the Numpad.

You can resize theunloading position

The Fliegl trailers create neat log heaps on the ground during auto-unloading. You can set the width of each pile by pressing + (Plus) on the Numpad.

The unloading position canrotate

You can either auto-unload your logs alongside the trailer or away from it. This is done by rotating the off-loading area; just press 0 (Zero) on the Numpad.

Here’s a video demonstrating some of the most important functions:


Trailer Attacher

Eachtrailer has a rear attacher. So yes, it’s possible to hook up one or moretrailer to the first one, making an insanely long log train.

Autoload KeyboardShortcuts

The timber Autoload trailers take up a lot of keyboard input bindings. Here are all the default shortcuts:

Friendly Suggestions

Other Autoload mods – The Fliegl trailers might conflict with other autoloading mods. I’ve tested them together with Alfalfa6945’s Easy Autoload Script. It worked without problems. This might not be the case with other scripts, though.

Input Binding Conflicts – If you’re using other mods that occupy a lot of keyboard shortcuts, the Fliegl controls might not work, or show up in the F1 Help Menu. You could try setting different inputs for one of the mods. Or deactivate one of them.

FS19 Fliegl Timber Runner(Autoload)

Thank you to Kenny456, for making one of the most useful forestry mods in the history of Farming Simulator logging. I’ve tested an earlier version of it, but none are close to being as good as the latest edition. The script has been altered to perfection.

How to Download

The Fliegl Autoload log trailers have been inducted to Giants’ Modhub. You can get them while the game is running, or by visiting the official mod page.

Go to DownloadThis mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on Farming-Simulator.com.

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Fliegl Timber Runner Wide Trailers (Autoload)