Metaltech Longwood Log/Timber Trailer

Smart Log Trailer for Those Long Logs

This is one of the cleverest FS19 Mod we’ve seen in a while. It’s made by the fantastic modder Polofreak211, who has made some amazing FS forestry mods already. This FS19 log trailer is no exception.

It is actually quite simple. But the Metaltech (SZK 802) Longwood trailer does a superb job in hauling those long logs out of the woods.


The clever part? You can extend or retract it by using your mouse or a controller. It can hold some seriously long logs if you choose to extract it to it’s fullest (at least 12 meter.)

No, it doesn’t come with autoloading (at least not yet anyway.) But it’s extremely easy to load since there are so few bolsters (nice!) And the load can, of course, be strapped down for a safer transport

Metaltech SZK 802 Facts

  • Modder: Polofreak211
  • Price: 9,400
  • 3 wheel configurations.

And you can pick your own colors, both for the body and the rims.

Go to Download 3.9MB

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Field Mountain Mod Map

Placeable Multi Farm Silo (500,000 Liters)