Placeable (Big) Crane Building

The placeable crane building for Farming Simulator 19, presentation and download information. (In a hurry? Scroll down to the end of the post for the download stuff.)

Remember the big stationary crane back in FS17? It’s back! And even better? It’s placeable.

I know there are several FS19 mod versions out there already. But few works as flawless as the version from DD ModPassion.

Making Forestry Fun Again

FS19 forestry is fun, for the most part. Sometimes, it gets tedious. The placeable crane adds an extra layer of excitement to everything logging. And it will help you save time.

It’s easier to unload trailers and forwarders using the big crane. And faster, of course.


Perhaps the best thing about the FS19 version of the crane is that it’s placeable. And it won’t alter the ground textures underneath.

Just remember that you can activate the Extended Placeable Option included with the GlobalCompany script, whenever you have problems placing the crane.

FS19 Placeable Crane

Here are some of the most important specs about the crane:

  • Original Mod Name: Crane Building.
  • Credits: DD ModPassion, Giants Software.
  • Category: Placeables | Miscellaneous.
  • Base price: 100,000.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, and XB1.

Gentle Does it

The crane’s grapple is powerful. I had to be gentle when closing the jaw. If I tightened it too much, the logs started shaking until some of them “jumped” out of the grapple.

Where to Download

The placeable crane is an official Modhub-mod. You can either download it from the Modhub inside the game, or by visiting the official download page online (click here.)

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