How to use Courseplay in Farming Simulator 19

Here's how to install and use Courseplay in FS19.

The first BETA-version of Courseplay for Farming Simulator 19 is available for download. The developers have been working hard in the background since the release of FS19 to convert it to the new game. And here it is.

Important 1: DO NOT download Courseplay from any other site than Github at the moment. The developers are continually updating the mod. If you download from other websites, the chance is that you’ll get an outdated version.

Important 2: Please remember that this is a BETA version. Some of the features from previous games have not been activated yet. And there’s probably bugs and errors. The developers need to catch up with all of the new features Giants has implemented in FS19.

How to Download and Install Courseplay in FS19

Again: DO NOT download Courseplay from other sites than the official Github page. It’s only on Github you are guaranteed to get the latest version.

1. Visit the official Courseplay Github pageClick here.

2. Now, download Courseplay to your computer (don’t bother if it says Courseplay for Farming Simulator 2017):

  1. Click on the button that says: “Clone or Download”
  2. Then choose “Download ZIP”
Screenshot by Boddi

This let’s you download a file called to your computer. You can save this wherever you like. Important: Do not copy this file to your mods folder.

3. UnZip the File

You can use a program like 7-zip to do this.

4. Open the newly unzipped folder (courseplay-master)

  1. Select all
  2. Right-click, then select “Send to” -> “Compressed (zipped) folder”.
Screenshot by Boddi

This will create a zipped archive with a random name. To change the name, do this:

  1. Select the file and press “F2” on your keyboard.
  2. Write your new name, g., “FS19_Courseplay_beta”.
Screenshot by Boddi

Now, all you have to do is to copy this newly created zip-archive to your FS19 mods folder.

The beta version of Courseplay will most likely NOT work with some of your mods. This is not the fault of the Courseplay Devs. It’s other modders that are to blame for not following the Giants standards when creating their mods…

If you experience problems with Courseplay and other mods, try this:

  1. Remove all mods except Courseplay from your mods folder.
  2. Add one mod at a time, gamesave by gamesave, to find out which mod is causing the problems.

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