ITRunner Hooklift Semi-Trailer

Now Trucks Can Use the ITRunner Pack Too

This Farming Simulator 19 mod is an ITRunner semi-trailer that can be hooked up to any of the trucks you have in the game. You can also attach it to tractors, as long as you use a dolly. It works with Giants’ ITRunner pack and all other hooklift application mods.

Here’s the micro factsheet:

  • Mod: ITRunner Hooklift Semi-Trailer
  • In-game category: Trailers.
  • Price: 30,000.
  • Configuration options: Colors and wheels.
  • Modder: 5nine.

The trailer has a rear hitch that enables hooking up other trailers behind it. You can change the colors of many of the trailer parts. And you get to choose both wheel brand and type.

And yes, it has working, hydraulic hoses.

Go to Download – 37.1MB

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