A Kuhn Feed Mixing Plant Mod is Coming to FS19

By Yesmods

Jan 14 2020 - 19:02

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There have been several stationary feed mixers through the history of Farming Simulator games. Veterans surely remember the amazing TMR Mixing Station that Marhu made for FS 2013. There are more recent builds, as well, like Kastor's mixing plant for Farming Simulator 19.

Most of theexisting mods have in common that they are works of fiction. But now, finally,someone is working on a Total Mixed Ration mixer based on a real-world mixingplant.

Kuhn is the Inspiration

A 3D designercalled DJ Rittek is working on a stationary feed mixing plant for FarmingSimulator 19. The project will be a replica of a real solution that Kuhn offersto dairy and cattle farmers worldwide. The “Kuhn Feeding Process” works muchlike the mixing stations you’re already used to in the Farm Sim games.

This video, by Kuhn, demonstrates the process (note that this is NOT the actual addon.)


A Farming Simulator 19 Mod

DJ Rittekis working on creating a replica of the Kuhn stationary mixing plant forFarming Simulator 19. From what I understand, you’ll be able to buy thedifferent parts separately. Then, you have to put the pieces together to get aworking TMR solution.

The modwill include separate bunkers for silage and grass. There will also be a baleshredder for adding straw to the mix. It will have fixed Kuhn mixers in threedifferent sizes, and it will use the GlobalCompany script for functionality.

No Release Date

DJ Rittekis currently working on finishing the mod. He has not revealed a release date.It will be ready when it’s ready. Oh, and due to the scripts needed to make theplant work, this mod will only be available on PC and Mac.

I’m looking forward to trying this TMR mixer. I’m more than happy with the current FS 19 stationary TMR mixers, but I admit it’s refreshing to get something based on reality, as well. You can see more images and follow the build on the Rittek.de Facebook page.

Creditsall images in this post: Rittek.de on Facebook

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