Where to Find Those Hard-to-Find FS19 Mods

Life used to be simpler. Back in the hay days of Farming Simulator 2013 you only had to visit FS-UK, Modhoster, and American Eagles Modding to get every mod available.

Now, for Farming Simulator 19, you have a lot more options. In fact, to find many of the current FS19 mods, you have to do some digging. There are of course, the many different mod sites. There are currently more than 30 websites that offer Farming Simulator 19 mods. But 80% of those sites are just reposting content from places like the official Giants’ Modhub, Forbidden Mods, and Modhoster.

Then there are Facebook groups and various Discords. And it’s here that many of the gems are hiding. Keep on reading, and I’ll let you know where to look.

The Downside

Mods are why many players (we included) keeps pouring hours and hours into Farming Simulator 19. And we always want more. More mods. We’re driven by the shiny new object syndrome (SNOS.) Someone showcasing a new mod? We want it too. It may be crap. We still want it. But where can we get it?

The supply of FS19 mods is fragmented, to put it mildly. Sure, it would be brilliant if every FS19 mod known to man were available on Giants Modhub. But that’s not going to happen. At least not until Giants lower some of its standards. And the modding community unites around Modhub as the central source for mods.

United modders? Well, given all the drama that has plagued the modding community for many years now, it’s hard to imagine most modders coming together, holding hands while singing ‘Kumbaya.’ In fact, we fear even more fragmentation of mods. That is if Giants don’t have a secret trick up its sleeve…

Rant over… Let’s look at some great places for rare mods…

Custom Modding Group

Many FS fans know Custom Modding, famous for making some really nice, Americanized FS19 mods. Did you also know that Custom Modding has its own Facebook Group?

You don’t have to become a member of the group to get your hands on the official CM mods. But some mods are shared just within the group. Here’s a brilliant example:

Click here to join Custom Modding on Facebook.

Expendables Modding

Expendables Modding is one of the largest FS groups on Facebook. And it’s one of the nicest to be in. The overall tone of the group is helpful and kind. There’s no way near the same amount of drama in this group compared to many other Farm Sim groups (yeah, I know… It’s just a game…)

The Expendables group has some excellent FS19 mods. Some of them are made public. But many also stay within the group. Like this one:

Click here to become part of the Expendables group.

Schwarze Schafe

The Schwarze Schafe is a German Discord server. There are some really cool mods there. Here are just one of the Farming Simulator 19 mods available:

Click here to join the Discord.

You can find more places to go hunting for mods on our Farming Simulator Resources page.

Be Nice

All the mod channels mentioned above are excellent places for everyone looking for hard-to-find FS19 mods. They are also great places for hanging with likeminded people.

Just remember that the people who run those channels are ordinary players, just like you and me. So please, treat them with respect. Same goes for other members too.

Here are some tips to make sure you’ll have a pleasant stay in every channel:

  • Be kind. Leave the drama for stupid reality shows. It’s just a game…
  • Don’t go nuclear when someone posts pictures of private mods. Throwing a tantrum won’t make those mods less private…
  • Don’t beg for mods. Let the mod requests rest. Just enjoy what’s offered (most modders makes mods for free.)
  • Be the nice guy. Or the nice gal. When someone provides the community a mod, just say thanks. It’s not hard at all. And it’s spelled T-H-A-N-K-S. Even a ­‘Like’ or a smiley will do…

Do you have tips about other places to find rare mods? Please leave a comment below.

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