John Deere 9RX Series US & EU version 1.0

(Article is updated with a suggested Courseplay fix.)

Are you ready to download both the North American and the European version of the John Deere 9RX series tractors for Farming Simulator 19? (You’ll find the download link below.)

The summer of ’19 suddenly became a whole lot more fun. Finally, John Deere 9RX from Custom Modding is here. And boy, it was definitely worth the wait 🙂 This is one of the coolest, most beastly, great tractor mods we’ve ever driven.

Custom Modding’s 9RX is very detailed (too detailed for consoles.) But still, the file size is way below 75 mb, which means the team behind has done an excellent optimization job.

EU & US Versions

It’s great of CM to think of their fans on both sides of the pond. There’s a US / Canadian version. And there’s a European version. The version changes are done in the shop.

There are three different exhaust pipe options to choose from, two backweight options. The interior has custom animations. And the dirt textures are as close to real-life as it gets.

Impressive track options

One of the things that impress us the most are the tracks. There’s a total of four different tracks available (36″, 30″, 24″, and 18″.) And there are three settings for the axle track width (80″, 88″, and 120″.)

FS19 John Deere 9RX Series

Here are some vital facts about this great FS19 mod:

  • Brand: John Deere.
  • Credits: Custom Modding, KMN-Modding, MJD Farms, Ghost, and BK Modding.
  • Category: Large Tractors.
  • Base price: 492,300.
  • Engine configurations: 5 – 9420RX, 9470RX, 9520RX, 9570RX, and 9620RX.
  • Power range: 462 hp, 517 hp, 572 hp, 628 hp, and 670 hp.
  • Top speed: 24 mph | 43 kph.
  • Selectable colors: No.
  • Selectable tracks: Oh, yes.
  • Errors? No, just one small warning.

The log showed a message about the game engine correcting the setting for ‘maxRotation.’ However, this did not affect the gameplay.

Here’s a short video presentation of the JD:

Support for CM

If you would like to support the continued work of Custom Modding, you can become one of their patreons: Sign up here.

Courseplay Fix

(Updated August 19, 2019) Some players report about problems getting the tractor to work correctly with Courseplay. Thanks to Vincent, there is a fix that you could try. But I need to warn you. It involves editing the XML files, so please, make a backup of the mod before you try this solution.

Here’s Vincent’s suggestion:

  1. Unzip the FS19_CM_JD_9RX .zip file.
  2. Open the folder, and look for this file: 9RX.xml
  3. Open it in Notepad or Notepad++.

Ok. With the XML file open, look for this section (starts at line 592):

<ackermannSteering rotSpeed="25" rotMax="15" rotCenterWheel1="5" rotCenterWheel2="7"/>
<articulatedAxis componentJointIndex="1" anchorActor="0" rotSpeed="-25" rotMax="31" rotMin="-31" aiRevereserNode="aiReverserNode"/>

Now, replace the values above, whit these ones:

<ackermannSteering rotSpeed="30" rotMax="15" rotCenter="0 -0.302"/>​
<articulatedAxis componentJointIndex="1" anchorActor="0" rotSpeed="-30" rotMax="31" rotMin="-31" aiRevereserNode="aiReverserNode"/>

When you’re finished, zip the file back together and give it the same name as before: FS19_CM_JD_9RX .zip.

This should work. But, again, make a backup of the original mod first.

How to Download

To get this version of the JD 9RX series you just have to press the blue button. It opens the modder’s mod hosting page on

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. hello it’s an amazing mood great job, but it does not work properly with the courseplay will that be corrected? 😉

    • Hi HERETIK, and thanks for your comment. I can’t speak for the Custom Modding. But I know they’re working on an update. Maybe that will solve the problem 🙂

      • hello all of abors sorry for my bad english i’m not english but i find the courseplay problem.

        it is a misplacement of the center of rotation of the tractor, the courseplay can not follow the lines in the bend.

        to solve the problem you have to replace some value in the file: 9rx.xlm

        he take find this part:

        and replace value with this:

        and now it works perfectly with the courseplay 🙂

        hoping to have helped some courseplay fan to play with this beautiful mod 🙂

          • Hi HERETIK – And thank you so much for your helpful comment 🙂 Unfortunately, the safety mechanisms of the site won’t allow code inserts in the comments (too many sites have been hacked that way…) But if you want to, you could send me the code by email (admin [at] and I will make it public.

            Have you also talked the modders over at Custom Modding?

          • hello I send you the code by email.
            I do not have a way to join custom modding here you have an email address I want it please

    • Hi, and thank you for your comment 🙂 Yes, it’s an excellent mod. And yes, there is some talk about making a 3 point hitch available. Not sure when it’s ready though.

  2. Hi
    I have almost all of your modes and you guys are doing perfectly, congratulations.

    I’m trying to download this tractor John Deere 9RX Series US & EU version 1.0 but this is coming up;
    The site can not be reached


    Thank You in advance

    • Thank you very much for your kind words – It really means a lot 🙂 Sorry that you couldn’t reach the download page (I’ve just tested the link, which works fine from my computer. Not sure what’s going on.)

      Anyhow… You can visit the release post on Facebook (Click here), and try another download. Hope that helps 🙂

      • I managed to download the mod, Thank you a lot for your help.

        Just continue making such good modes.

        You’re the best

        • Thank you very much – Glad you got it to work 🙂 And just to be clear: It’s not we that makes the mods. We just tell where you find them 😉

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