Kögel Flatbed (Autoload) Semi-Trailer 1.0

Here you’ll learn more about the Kögel flatbed semi-trailer with Autoload for Farming Simulator 19, and where to download it. The download info is located at the end of this presentation.

This is a modified version of the trailer we’ve written about earlier. The updated version has more functions.


When you’re tired of stacking bales manually, you can let the Autoload function do its magic. This trailer accepts square bales, round bales (several versions), pallets, egg boxes, and even cotton modules. Here are the most used keyboard shortcuts:

  • Z = Toggle between the available products to load.
  • U = Autoload on or off.
  • Y = Unloads stuff.
  • B = Toggles between the unloading positions (guided by a marker.)

Flexible Unload Marker

You can do more to control the unloading positions other than choosing a side (left, right, or to the rear of the trailer.) You can move the unloading marker in many directions, once you’ve picked the side. See the F1 help menu for more keyboard shortcuts.

Moore Goodies

Once you’ve loaded the trailer, you can add a cover to protect the load. And when you want to load the trailer manually, you can unfold the sidewalls for easier access (by pressing the “N” key on your keyboard.)

And yes, the trailer has a rear hitch, making it possible to make a (really) long road train…

ETS 2 Conversion?

I’m pretty sure that the Kögel trailer started its life as a Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod. I’m also pretty sure that the scale of the FS19 version is somewhat inflated. Not much, but enough to make many take notice.

Still, it’s a nice trailer to have, especially when loading stuff the conventional way, suddenly reminds more of work than play…

FS19 Kögel (Autoload) Flatbed

Here are some cold, hard facts about this useful FS19 mod:

  • Brand: Kögel.
  • Modder: CrowerCZ.
  • Category: Baling Technology.
  • Base price: 36,030.
  • Capacity: Some examples – 20 pallets, 39 large square bales, 48 round bales, and 3 cotton modules.
  • Selectable colors: Yes, for the rims.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes, single or dual wheels.
  • Wheel brands: Lizard.
  • Errors: Just a tiny one.

Note that the trailer is found in the Baling Technology category, not among the trailers.

About the Error

After putting both trailers in the mods folder, I got these error messages:

Error: Specialization 'animatedVehicle' already exists for vehicle type 'FS19_Case_IH_Kogel_Autoloader_by_CrowerCZ.kogelautoloadTrailer'!

Error: Specialization 'animatedVehicle' already exists for vehicle type 'FS19_Farming_Kogel_Autoloader_by_CrowerCZ.kogelautoloadTrailer'!

It did not do any harm to my game, but I can’t promise it won’t be like that for everyone though…

A Case IH version

There’s also a version with a cover that screams Case IH. I’m not 100 % sold on the graphics. But I guess for Case IH die-hard fans it’s a beauty…

Where to download

Both versions of the Kögel semi-trailers are hosted over at Sharemods. Here are the links to each of the download pages:

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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    • Hi Josh, thanks for commenting 🙂 Have you looked at your log file? It might give you clues to what the problem is.

      I also know that some players get problems when they have more than one Autoload mod in the mods folder at the same time.

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