What’s Next event in Paris: Farming Simulator 19 will have horses

What the Paris "What's Next" press event learned us about FS19.

Giants Software’s Lisertan (Lars Malcharek) and Amboss (Martin Rabl) are in Paris for the “What’s Next” press event, hosted by Focus Home Interactive (the publisher).

I don’t expect we’ll get tons of new info about FS19. I believe it’s too early. But hopefully, Giants will confirm the new game engine claims.

Oh, btw. Now we know what the logo looks like…

Photo: Giants Software

Update #1 – 18.02.07

Horses a new breed?

On the picture below, you see Amboss and Lisertan talking to what I guess are gaming journalists. Unfortunately, no in-game action on the screen, hanging on the wall.

That horse, though…

I’ve seen many pictures from various Giants booths during the years. I’ve seen cows, pigs, sheepsm and chickens. But never a horse.

So, to speculate… That horse in the background. It this a confirmation that horses are a new breed in FS19?

Photo: Focus Home Interactive

Update #2 18.02.07

Horses are confirmed

Lisertan just confirmed on Discord that FS19 will have horses.

Screenshot: Giants on Discord

I’ve made a post here, on all the new and confirmed features of FS19.

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