Placeable Headers & Cutters Elevator Rack

By Yesmods

Mar 08 2019 - 09:21

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This is the Headersand Cutters elevator rack for Farming Simulator 19. Do you have too many combineand forage headers laying around? Clutteringyour farm yard? Then you’ll probably like this sweet little mod from the Hotonline Team (HoT).

Now you can store yourheaders (and other stuff that fits on the shelves) on this header rack,with elevator function.

Thanks to the elevatorfunction you can probably store 3 really large headers. And even more of thesmaller ones.

Up Up and Away

HoT’s headers rack hastwo shelves. The nice thing is that you can lower and raise both shelves. This ishow it works:

Warning: Be careful in which order you move the shelves. Theupper shelf won’t stop for anything. If the lower shelf is raised, whilelowering the top shelf, you’ll get an ugly header mess to clean up…

We also had sometrouble when placing the rack. It seems that a large chunk of the ground whereyou want to put it down needs to be flat.

I tried to set it downnear hills and slopes. This caused the ground underneath the rack to elevate.Placing it on a large flattened surface, stopped the ground from being raised.

Header Rack Specs:

HoT Mods

If the name HoT ringsa bell, it’s probably because you’ve used some of their other mods. Like theFliegl Autoload trailer.

It was HoT that managed to bring the autoload script to Farming Simulator 17. A script that has been used in many bale and logging trailer mods since.

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