LWG Europe (Placeable) Bale Storages Pack

Here’s where you can download the LWG Europe (placeable) bale storages pack for Farming Simulator 19. (Looking for the download link? See below.)

This mod helps you automate the storage of most in-game bales. And it will most likely do good for the FPS performance too.

The display shows the inventory…

When you walk up to the sheds, a small display appears to tell you the status of each storage. Hopefully the GlobalCompany script will get an update soon, that displays the number of bales instead of liters stored…

8 Storage Buildings

There are 8 different storage buildings included with the mod, one for each FS19 bale type (except cotton bales.)

You need the GlobalCompany (GC) script installed and activated for the mod to function.

This is how it works:

1. Unload your bales in front of the sheds.

The mod automatically moves the bales into storage. And when you need some bales?

2. Enter the GC menu to spawn the number of bales wanted.

The bales are spawned to the left of the buildings.

Some might argue it would have been better to combine several bale types in fewer buildings. I think it’s nice to have one storage for each type.

Asphalt Ground Textures

All the placeable bale storage buildings come with pre-defined ground textures (asphalt.) If you want to have other surface textures beneath them, you can use the landscaping tool

No Buying Option

Unlike most other GC mods I’ve tested, this one won’t let you buy the raw material from the GC menu (bales, in this case.) If you want to purchase bales to store, you need to visit the regular FS19 shop.

FS19 LWG Bale Storages

Here is more info on this particular FS19 mod:

  • Original Mod Name: LWG Europa Ballenlager Pack.
  • Credits: Mannie313.
  • Category: Placeables | GlobalCompany.
  • Base price: 25,000 per unit.
  • Capacity: See below.

Grass Round Bale Storage

Capacity: 470 round bales.

Hay Round Bale Storage

Capacity: 470 round bales.

Straw Round Bale Storage

Capacity: 470 round bales.

Silage Round Bale Storage

Capacity: 470 round bales.

Grass Square Bale Storage

Capacity: 486 square bales.

Hay Square Bale Storage

Capacity: 486 square bales.

Silage Square Bale Storage

Capacity: 486 square bales.

Straw Square Bale Storage

Capacity: 486 square bales.

Version – 8 Extra Storages

(Updated August 19, 2019) The LWG Europe bale storages pack has grown significantly over the last couple of days. Now, it includes 8 smaller storages too, in addition to the 8 I’ve already told you about. And there’s a bale shredder in the pack as well.

8 Smaller Sheds

The smaller bale storages work exactly like their bigger brothers. One storage building per bale type. They are easier to place on the map, thanks to the smaller size.

They won’t fit as many bales as the bigger versions. But they’re big enough to get the most of you through a Winter in Seasons 19, for example…

Bale Shredder

Now, this is a cool building. Just unload your bales in front of it. After some time, you’ll get “shredded” material from the other side. Unloading straw bales, for example, gives you straw in the end.

Warning: Already got an earlier version of the bale storages in your map? Sell them before installing the update. The older storages have new names. They will just disappear if you don’t sell them before installing the latest versions.

Version – The GC Update

(Updated September 20, 2019) The new version of the bale storages has been adjusted to work with the newly released version of the GlobalCompany script ( And the displays have been moved to the front of each shed.

New operation mode: You need to set the work mode of each storage. Just walk up to the display with the F1 help menu activated. Now, you can choose whether the sheds shall store bales or release bales already in storage with your mouse or a controller.

Here are your options (the mod has not English translations):

  • The “Balleneinlagern” option: Stores all bales within the area markers.
  • Ballenauslagern”: Spawns the selected number of bales in front of the sheds. Use the GC menu to set the amount.

Warning: If you’re going from version (or earlier versions) straight to version, go into your game and empty your storages for bales first. If you don’t do this before installing the new update, everything will be gone unfortunately.

Download Here

You can download the Storage buildings to your mods folder by clicking on the blue button below.

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We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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