Lizard Placeable Grain Silos – 200,000 Liters

This Grain Silo Setup Should Look Familiar to North American Players

This is the Lizard Grain Silos Farming Simulator 19 Mod (by GnG Modding). It’s a placeable silo system that looks quite familiar to all players from the US or Canada. This mod is created by GnG Modding. It both looks and works very well.

The PTO on the auger is just for show. It has no function. Maybe in the future, we’ll get a version where you need to hook up a tractor to make the auger work.

The facts:

  • Brand: Lizard
  • Capacity: 200,000 Liters
  • Base Price: 200,000

Looking for an Americanized silo system for your Farming Simulator 19 farm? Then this is a great option.

Go to Download – 16.4MB

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