The Hinterkaifeck Map

Farming Simulator 19 mod map presentation: The Hinterkaifeck Map by BernieSCS.

Welcome to Waidhofen in Bavaria, Germany. And welcome to an FS 19 map that has its name from one of the most gruesome crimes in German history. Six people got murdered on the small farmstead Hinterkaifeck back in 1922. Who did it? No one knows. The offense is still unsolved.

To be clear… The original Hinterkaifeck farm does not exist anymore. BernieSCS has used old photos to re-create it. And no, it’s not the map’s main farm. The FS 19 version of the crime scene is now a museum…

A Fantastic Map

The Farming Simulator 19 version of the Hinterkaifeck farm and its surroundings are much more peaceful. It’s one of the best FS 19 maps available. It’s right up there, together with Geiselsberg and Greenwich Valley.

BernieSCS has used real-world terrain data to create the map. It has many spectacular areas, forests, and forest roads.

Amazing Buildings

I’m most impressed by all the buildings. BernieSCS has built almost every one of them. Most of the buildings also have custom textures, created especially for this map.

This is one of two cow farms.

A great place for horses.

Here’s where you can breed pigs.

I can’t imagine how much time has been spent to create all the models and objects. Note that most buildings have lights and working doors, as well.

Fields and Forests

Do you enjoy forestry in Farming Simulator 19? Then you’ll be happy to learn that several forests are waiting for you and your chainsaw. I like how BernieSCS has done the forest floor. It’s not just grass; it does indeed look like something you’ll see in real forests.

The Hinterkaifeck map has almost 40 fields. It has several meadows for grass production, as well. The pastures can be re-worked into crop fields.

Note that you can’t reach all fields displayed on the PDA. The outermost parcels are just decoration. It’s a great way of making map boundaries, giving the map more life-like edges.

Hinterkaifeck Quick Facts

  • All the animal pens are built from scratch. Just be aware that I have not tested them with the Animal Pen Extension addon.
  • There are no designated areas for placeable objects. You have to make room for them using the landscaping tool.
  • The map comes with some custom, placeable objects, like silos, a doghouse, and a sleep trigger.
  • You can sell some objects on the main farm, like the cow’s pasture and the broken bunker silo. But you can’t sell any of the farm buildings.

FS 19 Hinterkaifeck

Some map makers have complained that Farming Simulator 19 has limits that make it hard to create life-like maps. Well, I think BernieSCS proves them wrong. The Hinterkaifeck map is stunningly beautiful. It will make most fans of more realistic farming simulator maps very happy.

And now… Some details:

  • Map Name: Hinterkaifeck.
  • Credits: BernieSCS and RitchiF.
  • Map size: Standard.
  • Number of fields: 37 fields, plus several meadows.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 49.
  • Selling points: 9.
  • Additional crops: No.
  • Prepared for Seasons 19: Yes.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

I didn’t spot any errors after spending a couple of hours playing the map. But other players have reported some minor glitches with the foliage and the AI traffic. I’m pretty sure a future update will fix those bugs.

Version – A New Farm

(Updated December 9, 2019) The newly updated version of the Hinterkaifeck map includes a new farm – The OGF Hof. And now, the map is entirely compatible with multiplayer. There are other changes too:

  • There’s a new PDA map installed.
  • Seasons 19 players can now enjoy stuff like snow on the roofs, a Christmas tree, and custom foliage textures during the Winter.

Yes, this update requires a new gamesave. But I can almost promise you it’s worth it. Here’s an overview of the added farm.

Version – Bale Trigger for the Horses

(Updated January 5, 2020) The third version of this fantastic map is ready for download. For the most, the update is about fixes. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • “SeasonsAnimalDeathFix.lua” from [Ifko]nator is in place to stop deco cows from dying
  • “l10nFix.lua” helps to translate the additional fruits correctly.
  • There’s now a bale trigger at the horse’s stable. It accepts straw bales. In return, the horses produce manure.
  • Traffic is a little bit faster now…

If you want to use the new version of the map, you need to start a new gamesave.

Where to Download

Do you want to test the Hinterkaifeck map for yourself? Just click the blue button. It will open the official download page over at Modding-Welt.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

(Via Modding-Welt.)

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