When adding Seasons 19 to Farming Simulator 19, the Seasons menu will be your best friend. It displays everything you need to know to make wise choices, plan your activities, and succeed in getting high yield harvests and happy animals.


About crop moisture… When you see the symbol above in your HUD it means the crops is too wet for harvest…

When Seasons 19 is installed and activated, you’ll get some new information layers in the upper right corner of the HUD. The weather, the clock, and the amount of money should be familiar. Also, you’ll see the nearest weather forecast, the air and ground temperatures, and wherein the season cycle you are.

The Seasons Menu – Calendar

First of all, you open the menu by pressing Alt + S on your keyboard (L1 + Options on consoles.) The calendar is the first thing you’ll see. The top icons represent each of the four seasons. The numbers below (1, 2, and 3) are the transitions in each season (there are 3 transitions in one season.)

To the left, you see the minimum ground temperature for when it’s smart to plant each crop type. When those numbers are in blue, the ground temperature hasn’t reached the minimum limit. When white, the ground is warm enough for putting seeds into it.

(If the soil is too cold for your seeds you risk that the crops won’t grow, also known as Failed Germination.)

Finally, the green and yellow bars indicate planting and harvesting seasons.

  • Green bar = Planting season.
  • Yellow bar = Harvesting season.

Planting outside the planting season will most likely result in a failed harvest.

The Weather Forecast

Planning your activities while considering the weather is essential in Seasons 19. That’s why the weather forecast most likely will be the menu tab you visit the most.

The forecast tells you everything you need to know about the weather, the sun, rain, snow, and temperatures. Just remember that the longer to the right you look in the forecast period, the more uncertain it will be.

The forecast includes wind speed and drying conditions. This is important for the state of your crops. Let’s use grass as an example. When there are strong winds and high temperatures, your grass will dry faster. Colder, wetter weather and less wind make the grass dry slower.

That’s where the Drying Potential row helps you tie the knot.

  • One or more ‘‘ signs = Lower drying potential.
  • One or more ‘+’ signs = Higher potential for excellent drying.

The Crop Information

This tab tells you how well the various crop types handle frost and drought. Yes, frost and drought are elements that could ruin your crop with Seasons 19. You can use this tab as a guide to which crops you should plant, based on which GEO mod you’re using (the GEO mods dictates the climate.)

For example, planting cotton, when using the Northern Sweden GEO mod is considered… eh… thoughtless…

The Economy

The Economy tab will give you an estimate on when it’s most profitable to sell your products, not only crops but everything sellable in FS19. Once you’ve played one year, the graphs will be based on last year’s prices.

Crop Rotation Planner

Crop Rotation is a thing in Seasons 19. Depending on how you use your fields during the years, your yields will go up or down. The Crop Rotation Planner simulates what will happen when you change one or more of the rotation points.

For example, just planting wheat every year makes the soil less fertile. Thus, you get a lower yield. A rotation of 1) Fallow 2) Wheat, and 3) Canola will most like get you more return. But then you have to take into consideration that your fields won’t produce anything in some of the years.

About Fallow: Fallow is when you let the field rest for one year. No planting.

The Settings Tab

The settings tab is what you should visit first when you start a new gamesave. Here you decide how long one season should be. You can also set the temperature readings to Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can even turn some of the features on or off, like crop moisture.

Additional Info

Seasons 19 adds extra layers of info to the main Farming Simulator 19 menu too. Take the picture above. It has gotten two new filters, ­‘Planted’ (Yellow) and ‘Germination Failed’ (Blue.)

We’ll talk about growth in another part of our guide. But for now, just focus on the blue spots. These are areas in the fields where the seeds failed to start growing.

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(Sources: Realismus Modding and Farmer Klein.)