MAN TGS 18.500 Hooklift Truck

A Great Hooklift Truck That Works Perfectly with ITRUnner Applications

Now, you can download the MAN TGS 18.500 hooklift truck for FS 19. This beautiful Farming Simulator 19 mod works with Giants’ ITRunner mod pack. And most other hooklift applications out there.

This is actually version 2 of this mod. This are some of the changes since the last release:

  • Added: Front mounted 3-point hitch with PTO (optional.)
  • Added: Semi-trailer attacher which (magically) appears when you attach a semi-trailer.
  • Added: A better rear trailer attacher with PTO (optional.)
  • Fixed: Truck flipping while unloading certain ITRunner containers.
  • Fixed: Front lights where a bit underpowered at full strength.

Here are some more facts about this mod:

  • Mod: MAN TGS 18.500 Hooklift Truck
  • Base Price: 130,000.
  • You can (of course) select the colors of your truck.
  • There are two axle configurations: 3 or 4 axles. Some of the wheels can be lifted. There’s also steering included with the rear tires.
  • The axle’s vertical movements are controlled by the mouse.
  • 3 engine configurations: 9.0L (400 HP), 12.4L (500 HP), and the 12.4L (760 HP – chip tuned.)
  • Available wheel brands: Lizard, Trelleborg, and Michelin.
  • You can also add front, and rear PTO with a front mounted 3-point hitch.
  • And yes, there is a semi-trailer attacher.
  • Modder: 5nine.

We really enjoy this truck. It makes hooking up ITRunner attachments very easy.

Go to Download (41.7MB)

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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